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Corrupt Care-less a ton Carrollton
Star Rating - 8/4/2020
As a former resident of Carrollton, I can say that this city has become corrupted. I would not advise anyone to move here. The people are disrespectful, rude, and will damage anyone stoning them to death for anything of a standard. Businesses may seem respectful, but they will feed propaganda anyone gives them to destroy a person's human existence. The Carrollton library is among the very worse locations as is every business and church in Carrollton. They raise unnecessary awareness for private issues, create phobias, discrimination, and targeted hate. If someone has a mole on their face, they would close businesses and stone the individual. Such is the case for good morals. They spread gossip to each person that enters the library which continues to add to homelessness and unemployment. I have asked them to stop, reported it to the city mayor, police, and head librarian. They have done this everyday for 6 years and now I have $10 and they still continue. The city is nice, but the people are absolutely rotten here. I would advise people to move elsewhere. What the people of Carrollton are is enough to make a person vomit.
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- 7/20/2020
All time favorite place to live.
I have lived in Carrollton, Texas since 1999 (21 years). This is the most convenient, saf...
Marie | Carrollton, TX | No Replies

- 7/24/2013
I would like to know cost of living in this area in comparison with the richardson area of...
Dezrae | Colorado Springs, CO | No Replies

- 6/6/2011
Population Change
Carrollton is getting too crowded....
edward | Carrollton, TX | No Replies

- 9/1/2009
A good middle-class community
Community leaders are concerned about sustainability and maintaining a high quality of lif...
Tom | Carrollton, TX | No Replies

- 8/23/2009
Carrollton, TX
Forbes rates Carrollton, TX the 12th best place to live in the US. CNN ranks Carrollton th...
Richard | Carrollton, TX | No Replies

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