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Colleyville Elementary School
5911 Pleasant Run Rd
Colleyville, TX 76034
(817) 305-4940
public | K-5
County: Tarrant


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8/12/2012parentI have 2 children at CES. I've had pretty good experiences at this school. The teachers are fantastic (Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Grant) and the leadership at the school (Mrs. Richland the principal, Mrs. Farager the v-principal) are truly fantastic. I was there one day when there was a tornado headed our way and their level heads, calm demeanor and preparedness made me feel like my kids were in good hands. The teachers care and if anything, they're held back by some of the lack of funds and Texas state rules around public education. To the parents complaining about getting in trouble for their kids being tardy - get them there on time. When you're late - you're a distraction to to others. My kids missed more than 3 days last year due to sickness and we didn't get in trouble for that. You just have to provide a doctors note. GREAT school. GREAT teachers. Execellent community. Very happy with CES.
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2/24/2012parentI totally agree with needing help with speech therapy. We were told the Same to us about our son. The absence policy is a joke. Kids come to school sick and make others sick because parents are afraid they'll get a notice and have to send kids to Saturday school, formissing 3 days for the year. That policy is from gcisd !!The curriculum is poor, discipline is awful. Went to private and son is thriving in all areas.
2/13/2012parentMy younger son has speech difficulties. When I requested speech therapy services, my son and I were treated with both horrifiying intimidation tactics and infuriating disrespect. Inappropriate "eligibility labels" were forced upon us and my input in the ARD/IEP process was ignored. I have my child in private school where he isnow thriving. BTW, my older child is enrolled in CES and we were sent to truancy court last school year for having 3 absences and 7 tardies. I consider that harrassment. Shame on CES.
9/15/2009parentThe teachers are wonderful!
2/7/2007parentMy daughters teacher is Mrs Maddox. She is absolutely wonderful. I could not have pick a better teacher for my child. I do wish that Colleyville elementary offered more activities after school for the children like sports or something like that. They don't offer anything for the kindergartners. I would love it if they had like a soccer team, softball team or something like that. Loretta Ross the principal is great. She's very approachable and easy to talk to. Loretta seems very concerned about the children and just does a fabulous job. I'm so glad my child goes to Colleyville elementary.
6/21/2005parentWe've had a great experience so far with Colleyville Elem. Our son has complete K and 1st and will be attending 2nd. The teachers and curriculum are excellent and challenging. Our son actually enjoys going to school. It is a little disappointing that Spanish and Music are only offered in rotating quarters.
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3/14/2005parentOutstanding elementary school program. Very caring faculty and staff. Very strong parental involvement. Wide socio-economic range. Strong gifted and talented program, but within the district, being in 'GT' is almost an elite status in terms of the way parents feel about it. We have never had a teacher in the school that wasn't top notch. We have known the principal for a number of years and don't think there's a finer principal around. Ms. Ross loves and cares for each child as an individual. The facility is old and very crowded. In fact, it's one of the most crowded elementary schools in the district. However, the students and faculty make up for the facility.
8/15/2004parentThis is by far the best elementary school that my children have attended. The teachers are superb! They are devoted to all their children. They share their knowledge with our children with compassion and authority. They are kind when needed and can handle any situation that requires a steady hand graciously. I can not say enough great things about them. *A special thanks to Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Sletten, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Seifried (you all rock). What makes this a great place for our children. The principal Loretta Ross. She sets the tone for everyone to follow. She is caring, giving, knowledgeable and most of all loving. She gives these attributes to all of the children here. She knows everyone by name. Colleyville Elementry School is 'The Best Place to Be.'

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