Review of Colleyville, Texas

Star Rating - 10/8/2007
Taxes are high in Tarrant County Texas, no matter where you live. However, right here in Colleyville and its next door neighbor Southlake they are close to or are the highest.

On the other hand services are above average. They re-surfaced the street in front of our home, where we use to live in the state of Washington the street would never have been resurfaced. The original street was in great shape by our standards and those of washington.

Health care in Texas is a whole different catagory. No one should re-locate to TX without knowing how they will be insured and at what price.
sdm9998 | Colleyville, TX
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I am looking to relocate to Colleyville in the Village at Colleyville for the live/work environment. I am a bodyworker/yoga therapist who wants to relocate and checked out The Village in 2006. Can anyone give me feedback on what's going on there and how it has been effected by the de-oops- recession?
Nicole | Las Vegas, NV | Report Abuse
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