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Friendswood High School
702 Greenbriar Dr
Friendswood, TX 77546
(281) 482-3413
public | 9-12
County: Galveston


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4/29/2012studentI am currently a student at FHS and I love it there. My courses and competitive and brisk, but well-taught. The teachers really get to know their students on a personal level and go out of there way to help their students achieve success. I especially appreciate their math, science, foregin languages, and English courses. The majority of the kids (and their parents) at FHS care deeply about their grades. Friendswood is a tight-knit community with old school values (family, community, volunteerism) and it really reflects in the school.
11/28/2011studentI am very appreciative of my Friendswood education. All of my Friendswood teachers have shown interest not only in my success in academics but also in me as a person. Friendswood teachers have truly made an impact on my life and there are not many high schools one can say that about. Currently, I am a student at the University of Texas. However, after many years, I am still disappointed in the quality of teaching comparable to Friendswood. I am proud to be a Friendswood graduate!
2/4/2010studentFriendswood is a great place to grow up and go to school. FHS really prepared me for college whereas many of my friends high schools did not. The teachers are all wonderful and helpful. They really teach kids how to compete and learn at their best, which helps the school be able to earn as many achievements as it does. I am proud to be a graduate of Friendswood High School.
10/30/2009parentBest in Texas. I have four children Two have graduated with partial scholerships. One is special needs and in elementry. We could not ask for a better program for the handicap. The fourth we are happy to say is starting kindergarten next year.., Go Mustangs!
10/21/2009parentWe moved our son during his freshman year to FISD. The transition was uneventful due to the helpful staff & students. He is now a junior & continues to thrive. FISD has proven to be everything & more than we expected.
10/20/2009studentFriendswood students, which I am, are not always the friendliest, but we aren't all like that. We are a close knit class and most of us have known each other since kindergarten and first grade. While, most people get the idea that everyone is preppy, snobbish, and rude, I'm glad they still put there kids here. It's quite a lovely place if you just get rid of your biased thoughts toward it. I didn't choose to go to Friendswood High School, but I am glad that my mom put me here because I wouldn't want an education from any other high school but this one.
10/7/2009studentA great high school experience and exemplary school ( as are all the Friendswood Schools ).
4/22/2009parentIf you move to Friendswood High School from out of the area, then you may have a hard time making friends. Students are not that friendly. My kids are miserable and have not been able to make GOOD friends.
12/8/2008parentI am a parent of a Junior. My child has been in FISD district since kindergarden. Compared to what others parents have told me about neighboring school districts, FSID is above the others in parent involvement and diversity of extracurricular activity the students can join. I am very glad that we moved from League City (CISD) before he entered school.
1/12/2008studentI went to Friendswood High School all four years of my high school career. While it is not a diverse environment for the kids, it is a good environment for learning. The quality of education is top notch as far as public schools go, and the range of extra-curricular activities is astounding. I got into my first choice college and graduated in four years. I think I can contribute a large part of my success to the education I received from Friendswood High School. Go Mustangs!
1/7/2008parentFriendswood is a great school district. It is small with a very close-knit family feel. Even thought it is a public school, religion is very important to the community as a whole. My high school son struggled in ninth grade but no one gave up on him. His counselor worked with us to get him where he should be. I am proud to say that he passsed all his TAKS test on the first try. I subbed at the high school and was very impressed with the kids. Overall they were very well-mannered children.
8/23/2007parentMy main concern is the very long list of fees that are charged every year for core courses at Friendswood High School. I agree that charging so many escalating fees is diametrically opposed to a 'free and appropriate' education. What's worse, is that students who do not pay these fees are prohibited from final exam exemptions.
7/13/2006former studentIf the school were a bit more daring and willing to try to set new standards in education, I award it a perfect rating. A little timidity aside, FHS is like all of Friendswood's schools, great by any standard.
5/22/2006studentSchool has quality academic programs. Parents are highly involved.
8/18/2005former studentThis school is a great school to get kids ready for college... Better to start them in the Jr. High then just throw them in the high school...The school expect alot academically and provide a great extra curiculiam activities.
8/18/2005former studentI was an honor roll student in Tenn. moved here my sophmore year and was hard to adjust..kids here are very cliq-ush and if your not in then its hard...Bottom line, I droped out, threw my baseball career away and got my GED beacasue I coulde adjust. So be careful for your kids sake.
8/14/2005parentD.J. Montague is a close knit school with really caring teachers. The gifted program is a little weak as it is only enrichment but it's fun for the children. I would recommend this school and this school district to people moving here. My child felt very welcomed in during the middle of the school year.
7/16/2005studentI am a student at Friendswood high school. Friendswood high school has so many options to conform to whatever you need as a student. The only negative i've found at this school is the parking for students.
6/23/2005parentWe are about to leave Friendswood, and in our search for other quality high schools it has been difficult to find one comparable. The quality of education at this high school is very high; students are challenged. The German and band program are excellent. The school lacks ethnic diversity, however, and is quite clique-ish toward students. It may be difficult for students coming from outside of Friendswood to integrate. As a parent of 3 children and a school psychologist, I would rate this high school well for academics and programs.
12/29/2004parentFirst you pay 40.00 to park to go to school and then you get a ticket if you don't park in the right place.The ticket is 15.00. If you don't pay the ticket you can't take your finals or get credit for your class. Now how is this a free and appropriate education? In addition to this thought, doesn't the public own the parking lot that they are paying to park on? A definite plus would be a class on manners and how to treat your peers. The rudeness and cruelness is unspeakable.
12/16/2004parentI think that friendswood high school is a good school with great academic achievements but they have a really harsh school code and it seems like they like to trouble kids by giving them harsh discipline, they should leave the discipline to the parents, not the teachers.
11/17/2004studentThis school is full of nothing but spoiled brats. And it seems as if your not rich and don't have parents that are lawyers or work at nasa, then your just out of luck and the principles will find anyway they can to make your childs stay at friendwood high school the worst.
7/30/2004former studentIn THis scool if u are a student that is not popular you will be at a great disadvantage and the principals are very lazy and look to put themselves first when tryin to discipline a student even if that means doin wrong on their part, this school thinks there invisible to other people and makes you pay rediculas fees.

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