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C D Fulkes Middle School - Round_Rock, TX

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C D Fulkes Middle School300 W Anderson Ave
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 428-31006-8WilliamsonpublicRound Rock Independent School District

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2/2/2011parentMy 6th grader is constantly bullied. Not only that, but has been assaulted numerous times and has been threatened to be killed. I have expressed my concerns many times to many of the principals at this school - but so far their "No Bulling Tolerance" seems to be farce. The staff tries to blame my son as he doesn't know problem/conflict resolution and that's why he is experiencing these issues. He goes to a teacher - they discount what he says and sends back to the situation, or they say "Well we did not catch anything on tape" or that because my son can't remove himself from the situation because he can't leave the class and the teacher is just plainly ignoring the situation thus allowing the bulling to continue. There is a huge issue at this school, their policy and their lack of protecting our students. My son SHOULD NOT HAVE TO LEARN PROBLEM/CONFLICT RESOLUTION to deal with the bullies at the school. THIS SCHOOL NEEDS TO RELEARN THEIR OWN POLICY AND IMPLEMENT THIS WITH THE BULLIES AND NOT THE BULLIED.
4/20/2010studentC.D. Fulkes is the best middle school on earth no doubt. The teachers & the way they teach is amazing.
11/2/2009teacherI have taught at other schools and must say our school rocks! The kids are compassionate, work really hard to do their best, and it is a great place to work everyday. Yes, we have middle schoolers...which no matter where you go, has its own challenges. Our administrators support us, and we feel appreciated by both our students and parents, I would not want to teach anywhere else.
5/24/2009studentI am personally offened by the person who wrote that 'C.D. Fulkes is full of undisciplined kids.' C.D. Fulkes has disciplined students. Its middle school, what do you expect? Perfect students?
4/30/2009teacherThe parent who commented about the 'undisciplined kids' of CD Fulkes does not have a clear understanding of the campus. Let me offer the inside scoop! I have worked on other campuses that SEEM to be effective and that even maintain an exemplary status, but I know that what CD offers it's students is SO much more than what one can see with the eye while standing in the cafeteria. On our campus and in our classes, we build relationships with our students. In our meetings, we discuss what we can do as educators to intervene and truly help our students to succeed and grow academically and socially. We have a diverse group of students who are not perfect, but we work to reach every one of them exactly where they are ..and we love every one of them.
4/1/2009parentCD might be full of undisciplined kids but that should not be a reflection on the educators! the faculty and staff can not be blamed for the students. I have been to 3 other rrisd schools and i promise you that the teachers and staff members at CD are truely gifted and better than most. ALL and i mean ALL of the teachers there would do anything for the children, otherwise they would not be there! i promise if you go anywhere eles in a 50 mile radius of round rock you will not find a better staffed school.... try i dare you!
2/28/2009parentCD Fulkes is full of undisciplined kids. For a preview of what your child will be experiencing all day go stand in the cafeteria on a typical day. We are removing our child from the school.
10/25/2008parentCD Fulkes has excellent teachers and outstanding leadership who listen.
10/10/2007studentCD is cool! They have great teachers, cool electives, and it is a fun place to be! CD Rocks!

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