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Ogden Preparatory Academy
2221 Grant Ave
Ogden, UT 84401
(801) 627-2066
charter | K-10
County: Weber


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8/16/2012parentMy daughter attended 5th and 6th grade here. the 2012-2013 school year we as well as many other parents unenrolled our students. The school is very inconsistent and seems to change direction and staff every year. There are no after school programs like there were a few years ago. They try to start them up but they are things kids don't really like like running club and reading club. They change the types of classes they offer every year too. 2 years ago was PE with a horrible teacher who yelled at them all the time, last year it was art/music. The class was similar to a 1st grade educational leveled class. They have a big bully problem. There have been more and more low income students coming to the school and with that comes low parental involvement and cultural gang related problems. The teachers are not exceptional, they are much like regular public school teachers, some of the teachers are good but they seem to leave after only a few years. They only stick to core curriculum classes, even in the higher grades they have the option of 1 elective, where most schools have 2 or more. There are no school events and children don't get disciplined unless it is severe. Look elsewhere.
3/22/2012parentReally bad attitude from staff, They should really double check the credentials of their "Special ed Teacher "
2/19/2012parentThis is NOT a parent-involved school. The recommended 30 service hours per year per family to the school are not enforced. If you are an involved parent, you will most likely be put in charge of fundraisers where you will pull teeth to get other parents to help, and even then may not show up to help. The school's main funding comes from grants for low-income students. Additional funding is provided through fundraisers sponsored by the parent organization (PO). The PO is solely a fundraising organization, and parental input into school topics are non-existent. Parking at the school is extremely inadequate making pickup chaotic as well as parking some distance away to attend school events. Between inconsiderate parents and school layout, the Ogden City Police Department is consistently assisting in the dismissal process. Programs put on at the school are a major fiasco; you will need to arrive extremely early to get a seat or even enter the auditorium. If you don't get a seat you may be able to sit on the floor in one of the isles or stand against the wall. This is most likely a fire hazard and against city code. This is all a shame since the teachers and Spanish are excellent.
2/16/2012parentThis is a very poor school, Title 1. OPA expanded in 2010 and has lost it's niche. We are extremely dissatisfied. We came to this school expecting more parent involvement when in acuality there is less parental involvement. Integrity is not there! There are MANY late students daily. There has never been a student telephone directory in 10 years of operating - students leave the school to go "back" to their friends.
1/23/2012otheri am a student at ogden prep and i love this school Ihave made so many friends and learned a lot of new things.
9/20/2010parentI Love Ogden Prep. because the faculty and staff are fantastic. They are accessible, caring and knowledgeable. I love Ogden Prep. because the School Board works hard to help the school improve for the students, faculty, and parents. But Mostly, I love Ogden Prep. because my kids are happy and safe there.
4/7/2010studentI admire the hard work put forth by all the staff and love the enviornment. We are challenged and required to THINK , really think about things daily. We are also welcomed and encourage anyone interested in an excellent preparation for the future to join the OPA family.
12/11/2009studentI loved this school! And I would go back if I could. They challenge young minds. They teach to the highest common denominator, not the lowest. This is a great school, and I recommend sending your students here!
5/28/2009parentWe are a military family and have had children in 5 different states for public education. OPA and MOPA are by far the best educational experience we have come across. The principal is an excellent administrator, no nonsense about negative school environment and does a great job keeping her teachers together as a team with a vision. I have three sons who have attended, two at OPA and one at MOPA. They love there school and feel very supported by the faculty. We have found that all students are accommodated regarding there academic levels and that there is an awesome emphasis on the 'whole child.' I can't say enough good things about this school. I have volunteered on a weekly basis and subbed at times. If you really want to know the quality of the school and it's staff you need to participate regularly. We are sad to be moving.
10/2/2008parentIt's nice to have your child's education in the hands of Teachers that actually care and want your child to succeed.
5/16/2007parentI put my two children in OPA & MOPA because I had heard good things about charter schools and had high hopes for this one. Looking back, I feel that OPA & MOPA are much like public schools we had them in before, only with more homework and less social and extracurricular opportunities. My children have always excelled in school, but the homework load was too much. While some of the teachers are fantastic, many of them are just like public school teachers- lacking. The principal always seems frazzled and is unresponsive. Their 'open door policy' is in place if the principal and teachers wish to address the problem; otherwise, they just ignore parents' issues. I found the teachers and curriculum far too liberal for a conservative community, and when I voiced my concern, I was ignored. I feel disappointed with the OPA & MOPA charter school experience.
5/8/2007parentI have been very disappointed in the quality of the administration at this school. I am concerned that there is such a high teacher turnover, as well. -CB
1/9/2007parentI have had my daughter attend this school since it started. It is an excellent school with very high standards. The only problem though is that it has some bullies in the school that make the whole experience of education for my daughter hard. eventually I had to take her out of the school and I am not sure what the principal or the school did to help resolve the situation. It had been going on for years. In the end though a great school with a very great staff of teachers who want to teach. still give it a overall B.
12/14/2006parentOPA and its sister school, MOPA, have very high expectations of their students -- which is as it should be. Yes, there is probably more homework than most schools, but one must stop and consider the teachers' motives. People also have to stop and realize that OPA and MOPA are SCHOOLS OF CHOICE. If families don't agree with the policies, they are welcome to put their children in their own local schools and open those slots for children who WANT to be there. Some families wait months -- and in some cases, years -- to have their children attend. If you don't have your own high expectations for your child, then this is certainly not a good choice for you. For the rest of us, OPA and MOPA are exactly what we want for our children.
11/28/2006parentMy daughter is thriving at Ogden Prep. Being a gifted learner she was never challenged to the extended it is happening right now. This school is wonderful in the fact that it accomodates both gifted and talented as well as struggling students for whom English is not the first language. There is an hour of Spanish each day, geography club (school wide geography bee),math club (math olympiad and AMC8), choir, cross country club, economics club, book club - you nme it - all run by parent volunteers. Uniforms, discipline (detention in middle school), hands on learning (science), wonderful libraries in both campuses - this school is on it's way to become the best school in Ogden area. Great teachers from across the globe bring with them unique talents and knowledge. Too bad it only goes K-8 :-)
10/17/2006parentI have two kids at OPA and they both love it. The teachers are terrific and really do try to give each student personal attention and challenge them according to their unique abilities. I have actually seen my children's teachers get 'teary' during PT conference - they really love the kids! The uniform thing is a two edged sword - great for keeping fashion statements out of the learning environment, but not so great for the times when you have to go out and purchase yet another article of clothing because the standards are so strict. They uphold strict, zero-tolerance citizenship standards as well, which helps to foster a safe, fun, learning environment. If you want to be involved, they constantly seek parent volunteers for fieldtrips, tutoring, etc. Lot's of homework. Be prepared!
10/29/2005parentWhile they strive to produce quality academic programs they neglect the fun in education. Plus they give A LOT of homework taking away your time at home with your kids as well. They say they encourage parent involvement but as time goes on more rules are made restricting parent involvement.

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