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John Tyler Elementary School
57 Salina St
Hampton, VA 23669
(757) 727-1075
public | PK-5
County: Hampton city


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Gail R. House2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/26/2010parentHow dare you demean the former principal of Tyler Elementary! The compassion Mrs. House showed for ALL children in that school was tremendous. She maintained a standard of excellence and NO ...she did not tolerate inappropriate behavior and disrepect. She ran a tight ship and the school was extremely successful because of it. Parents need to do their part so that the school and the teachers can do theirs. The principal should not have to pascify parents who won't take responsibilities for their own kids! The public needs to know that Mrs. House left Tyler in good shape...let's just see what the end of this year will bring since she left!
2/3/2010parentThe new principal is way much better than the other one they had. The new principal takes his time to understands our elementary students, they are only kids not prisinors. The other principal would suspend students every day it was ridiculous. The school is way much better with him around! love the shcool!
6/1/2009otherI love Tyler. My children have attended since Mrs. House's administration and she is wonderful! When she and Mrs. Howard were the administrators, I could always depend on everything being in focus, however the change to the different vice-principal has made it difficult for me. She is not honest and is rude to some of the kids. She alwo does not always tell the truth. I hope there can be a change when the new principal Mr. Blowe comes. If the current VP stays, he will have a rough time.
3/26/2009parentMy child has been at tyler for two years. They have alot of parent resources but make it impossible to get to them. The councelors are a joke. The principal and vice principal cater to a specific group of kids. My daughter causes no issues and it seems that because she is quiet and does her work and gets by ok, that she gets neglected. If there is something she doesn't understand it gets over looked because she doesn't cause a rucus in class. That seems to be the only way a child can get attention and help. If she has trouble with something new in a subject, we don't find out about it until we see her work which should be sent home every thursday, but almost never does. Like I said, If your child is has behavior issues, this is the school for them. They can just skate by.
2/8/2009parentI have a daughter in first grade here. My family and I love it here at Tyler. The teachers and staff go above and beyond for EVERY student.
10/3/2007parentI just read the reviews above. I am wondering what some of the reviewers were looking for in a school. My daughter attended Tyler for five years and is now in middle school. Every single teacher went the extra mile to help her achieve and to make sure she was ready for middle school. Best of all, they loved her and challenged her every step of the way. The principal is absolutely outstanding. The nurse and school counselor both do everything in their power to help kids and parents. The Parent Involvement Center is fabulous and practically begs parents to become truly involved in school life. the school facility is shabby. I agree. Then pitch in and help clean up the grounds and see what they need to make it better. I love Tyler School.
4/20/2007parentI have two children that attend Tyler. They started in K and are now in the fourth grade. The school staff have been very supportive and overall I think Tyler has been a great learning foundation for them. As in every school, teachers are hit and miss. Ms. House is always kind and friendly when I have been at the school,as well as the office staff. She is professional and knowledgeable. I have only had a concern about the class my child was in once and Ms. House took care of the concern immediately.I think Ms Curry and her PTA helpers do a great job. I think they do a good job of making the school an inviting, warm and safe learning environment even though the school needs some serious repair. They do a good job with what they have to work with.
4/10/2007parentI had a son who attended Tyler. My overall satisfaction was very low. My impression of the teachers and staff were poor. I spent many days at the school observing his classes. I had several meetings with his teachers. They seemed clueless as to how to assess a child who was well behaved. Obviously their priorities are askew.
4/30/2006parentAs far as the quality of education in this school. We have a child that has attended since k and is now in 4th grade, both myself and my husband have been very satisfied with the school and the teachers. The only problem i had was attended to very quickly and to our complete satisfaction. Our daughter loves the staff and the staff return their affection to her on a daily basis. We love the fact that the school is in a quiet neighborhood, we know this because we live in it as well. Our daughter scored a perfect score on her benchmark test for history and above on all the other subjects. The teachers and staff go the extra mile for the parents who are willing to work with them and gladly listen to all input. The school has our support and has alot to offer anyone who attends.
11/12/2005parentTyler has many children who come with baggage from their home life. Parents who have night jobs and not enough resources for the children, and worse problems make it challenging for learning to take place. Teachers at Tyler truly care about these kids and it shows. The administration is fully committed to learning and supporting the students and staff. My child enjoys going to school at Tyler.
10/6/2005parentTyler Elementary is an excellant team focus and academically strong school. Consistant parental involvement, numerous resources for families to learning at home and a supportive professional staff.
9/14/2005parentI have been very unhappy with this school. The staff is very unfriendly and do not care about the parents concerns. They do things the way they want to without considering how hard it is on the parent. There is no where for parents to park and no plans to make any changes. Parents have to park down the street and walk up to the school, to the cafetaria and stand in line for 10 or so minutes to sign the child out. They are not open to suggestions to make things easier for anyone but them. The school is in poor shape and could use some TLC.
7/26/2004parentI have 2 children that go to this school and I have to say that I have spent alot of time in the hallways just observing everyone as I wait for my children each day, and what I have seen is that in this school's particular situation, it's not only the falculty and staff, however some of the staff could use some common courtesy pointers, but I really feel the problem st this school comes from alot of the homes in this area zoned for this school. I think that if some of these parents would get more involved, and I don't mean by showing up and acting like a rowdy bunch of fools when you attend thier assembly. I am more shocked with how the parents act, as well as some of the umannered children. I feel as the parents should really pay more attention to thier own children.
5/25/2004parentI was very disappointed overall with the school. When my child came to this school she was scoring almost double what the PALS test required as a bench mark. After attending this school for just a few months her test score lowered to below the end of the year bench mark. The school itself looks 'shabby' and could easily be cleaned up with minimal work, but seems that school pride is not top on the list of priorities. I am hurt by the fact the my child has to finish out the school year at Tyler and she will not be attending this school next year.
3/31/2004parentI was appalled when I realized the children's safety was compromised - a 282% increase over the previous year (the previous two years were statistically similar). With a 26% failure rate in reading and writing, and a 37% failure rate in math (both for 5th graders), one has to wonder what or if they are teaching. The school and faculty appear run down, and the older neighborhood kids rule the playground (do they even attend school?). Quite scary.

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