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Birdneck Elementary School
957 S Birdneck Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 648-2120
public | PK-5
County: Virginia Beach city


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/1/2012parentNever Again. The VP of this school is rude uncaring and just awful.. A "SNAKE" When I called to speak to her on the phone, she is always in a meeting or at lunch and never calls back. she has no heart and very sneaky. She placed my child in the wrong grade and advanced classes at that after I told her that my child is behind. Then the day I took him out of school and placed in a private one she called his other school asking questions and saying he cannot read or write. So please watch the VP and when you deal with her.. she is not kind and cares only for herself and school budget. watch out for this witch.
1/11/2012parentOther schools had written our son off as a "problem child". Noone took the time to investigate beyond the behaviors that didn't fit "in the box". This school took the time! Our son is finally thriving and is being seen for the special boy he is!! We are so greatful to this school. We love it!!
9/15/2011parentDon't judge a school by test scores alone! This is a school with a diverse socioeconomic demographic- many military and lower income households BUT the school does so much to help ALL of it's students maximize their potential. It's got a differentiated curriculum from gifted to remediation, extra funding and resources due to "Title I" designation, small class sizes..... exposure to kids and families from diverse backgrounds. We are very pleased with Birdneck and are glad we chose to stay with our "neighborhood school". From the office staff to the on site After-Care staff and all teachers in between we appreciate their genuine, caring efforts.
12/11/2010parentLOVE this school!!! We are a military family and move around A LOT. It is always a little scary where your children will attend school and what type of environment they will be in. Since going to Birdneck elementary our children have expressed nothing but happiness. As with every school they have attended they are still straight A students and thriving here. We are parents who do check out the schools prior to moving ANYWHERE and we do recommend this one. Before enrolling your child at any school I would suggest going in, talking to the principle and staff as well as the teachers your child/children will have and see if it s a good fit.
11/17/2010parentThis is THE WORST place a child can EVER GO!I am all for safety and learning and unfort. you wont get either from here. The past 2 months we have 2 diff bullying issues where NOTHING has been done. I guess its promoted! The VP and Principal (HA) BIG JOKE scared of the students and parents of color, and is a serious waste of Tax $.His grades have gone down and HE HATES going there because he is treated unfairly, and bad. Its a shame that living in the neighborhood that we do paying 500,000 for a home and my son HAS to attend this school. RE-ZONING is deft needed. I wouldnt reccom. this school for a goldfish. VERY DISGUSTED with it and EVERYTHING about it. If you are any kind of parent and love your kids DO NOT send them here. Will be contacting the BOE and Super. of VA Beach Today!!! ZERO STARS is not a choice but it should be!
10/29/2010parentThis school is a great school, The teachers and staff actually CARE! The teachers go above and beyond for their students. The parent involvement is wonderful. My son is now in a different school due to Military transfer and we miss Birdneck greatly.
8/1/2010otherI loved this school! It was one of my favorite schools! My teachers rocked! It was great all around the students, teachers and prinicpal! love u birdneck!
4/19/2010parentThe school's resources are stretched too thin, to the detriment of the students. The teachers and staff are nice, but nice only goes so far. Out of 5 school's in three different states, this has been the most disappointing experience. The school cuts corners on federal IDEA and NCLB laws, walking a very thin line between compliance and non-compliance. If you're like me and researching schools your child might be assigned depending on the residential address you choose, keep looking. Residential-wise, if you've looked it up and found that your child would go to this school, chances are you're moving into Wadsworth military housing, or one of the few streets worth of middle class housing, or into one of the rare economically depressed areas of Virginia Beach. Most Virginia Beach schools are excellent, but this one is an exception for various reasons including its lack of resources and geographic/demographic boundaries.
3/11/2010parentI have been a parent of bridneck children since 2006. I love this school. The teachers are amazing they really care about my kids. I have three kids there now and am so sad we have to leave at the end of this school year. Parent involvment is great, I am there everyday helping out and so are many many other parents its a wonderful little family I am going to miss
3/10/2010parentI have had five of my children attend Birdneck one of which graduated last year. Who is now taking all advanced classes in middle school, also is going to Europe this summer with people to people. The whole staff at Birdneck is wonderful. It has been a wonderful experience being there, I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers for all of my children every year. We also are a military family have dealt with many different schools. Their dedication is truly fealt.
2/19/2009parentMy child was a mid year transfer, and the teachers and faculty went above and beyond to help him catch up, teachers and staff get 2 thumbs up, the students are another story though, terrible parent involement through the school and at home. That may be reason enough for us to transfer to another school next year.
3/18/2008parentMy husband is in the US Navy. We have moved around quite a bit and my daughter has been bouncing from school to school and she is only 6. She was extremely behind and we were told by her last two schools that she attended, that she was a special student and would take a while to catch up. Birdneck Elementary did there testing and talked it over with the teacher and now my daughter is all caught up and there was never a major problem in the first place. I recommend this school to anybody. The staff and teachers at the school are wonderfull and very caring. They accomplished what I thought was immpossible. There dedication towards my daughter was touching. I give this school 5 stars!
8/26/2006parentBirdneck is a school that really cares about it's students and parents. It is not all show, as teacher go beyond the call of duty. I have a child that just left fifth grade and one in fourth this year. They were both very happy and never had any problems at the school. I would place my children in this school again. Just walk in the front door, you will feel welcome.
6/13/2006parentThis school is the absolute worse! I will be putting my son back in private school after the experience I had with Birdneck. I was very disappointed with the teachers, the lunch set up and the principal. This school needs a whole new staff.
4/28/2006parentBirdneck Elementary is becoming such a wonderful school. Their kindergarten program is wonderful, once the kids get used to going all day. The principal seems to really care, she also seems to work hard!
1/28/2006parentMy kids went to this school for 4 years. There are several military kids in this school, due to it's position. I loved the school. Yes, there are areas for improvement. But overall, I highly reccomend it. The Principal tries very hard to get parents involved in as much as possible. The lunchroom monitors are very nice and courteous. Not just to the parents, but especially to the children. This school does everything within it's power to bring your child up to speed if they are behind. My son for instance went from a reading level of 2 his first grade year to a reading level of 15 in a matter of 3 months. I loved this school. Check out their SOL scores, they are impressive.
1/3/2006parentBirdneck is a wonderful school! The principal is excellent! She knows the children by name and makes a point of engaging them in conversations. All teachers I have had experience with have been great. They have lots of evening events to encourage parental involvement.
11/4/2005parentfantastic academic programs, they have chorus and drama for the older elementary grades. They have a fantastic art and music program. Faculty is incredible!
8/22/2005parentI am very happy with this school. I have 2 children currently in this school. One child will be entering 2nd grade and the other will be in half kindergarten half special ed. My son has PDD and ADHD and they have been wonderful with him. The school has brought him a long way in their behavior classes. He also gets speech therapy provided by the school. They have made it possible for my son and I to actually have conversations. It has been a blessing to have their services. The teachers are very patient and attentive to both of my children. My children enjoy going to this school and I have no worried allowing them to go.
7/17/2005parentBirdneck seems to be an average school based on test scores but their bus routes are horrible and need to be improved. If your child has to attend Birdneck try to arrange other modes of transportation for your child to and from school.
8/25/2004parentI have had two children at Birdneck and the only problem we had was that one of my children was having problems learning and they just ignored her problems and sent him on to junior high school. They don't believe in holding children back. Other than that Birdneck is one of the better schools in the area.
2/23/2004parentI have three children who were previous students of Birdneck, they are now 19, 15, & 12. I also have a child that will start K this fall. Birdneck was a wonderful experience not just for my children but also for me.

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