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Get to know Virginia Beach with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Virginia Beach

An okay place to reside - 1/3/2021
If you lived here prior to 2005, your experience in Virginia Beach is likely between good and wonderful. There are still pros to living here. Other reviews have painted them well. The cost of housing has inflated to unrealistic proportions. If you are not military, have a specialized job, or acquire housing from family/inheritance, it is tough to live well here.  Read More

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Virginia Beach - 6/17/2019
I lived in the Hampton Roads area for 11 years while I was in the Navy. It was a bit of a culture shock, since I grew up in a small rural town in Maine with 900 people. The weather was very different than Maine, but it was snice not having 7 months of winter.

The good:
The area has relatively low crime compared to the rest of the U.S. The worst area of town was/is Green Run. There has been a little surge in violent crime near the oceanfront, but it seems to be isolated incidents that are maybe gang driven from the areas outside of the beach.

There is a ton of stuff to do in the area.
There are numerous salt water and fresh water recreational opportunities. Whether you just want to fish, swim/dive, surf, parasail, or relax on the beach, it is there.

There is a good number of cultural things like the marine science museum/aquarium, Nautilus, the USS Wisconsin, etc. There is also all of the historical aspects of VB and the Read More

Great Place to Grow Up - 6/13/2018
I lived in the Kempsville area of VB growing up and loved it. There's no way to be bored when you have so many public and neighborhood parks, libraries, events, activities, restaurants, etc. all around you. One great thing about the area is that the military installations meant there is a lot of transience, which means that more local people are used to making friends with the new family on the block. Like with all big city/suburbs, there are the richies and the struggling, but most of VB is middle class, and have good schools. The only bad things about VB are the traffic, the mosquitoes, and the Read More

A Great Place to Raise a Family - 8/20/2014
I was born & raised in southern California but I've lived here in Virginia Beach since 1976. The weather is not as nice as California but really nothing to complain about. The friendliness of the people more that make up for a few chilly days. We have great beaches, restaurants, malls, transportation, parks, theme parks...plenty to do. I love it Read More

Virginia Beach has it all - 1/24/2014
Amazing reading these other posts!
Came to website verifying a statistic I had read about the cost of living in Hampton Roads area. Got sucked into reading the posts which I never usually do because Freedom of Speech allows even the ignorant to contribute.
This is the unbiased truth from someone who lived in Baltimore Maryland ( Federal Hill) and has currently lives in Virginia Beach.
This is the 411 on Virginia Beach. It is a city with all the economic and racial diversity that you can find in an urban setting. Therefore city issues occur here too.
Traffic is bad due to the large population, and it is a city. I also admit that lots of people could use driver refresher courses.

Crime is not bad compared to other cities with equal population.

Bugs.. hello.. we are southern and coastal. Its the price you pay for paradise. Promise that you will see similiar comments about all southern coastal cities

Taxes... Read More

Pleasant - 1/14/2014
Its a very secure, versatile, Fun city! Always offer something for the family doesn't matter what season of the year. Read More

Waste management fee - 11/13/2013
The city is now charging a fee for trash pick up that was previously paid from a 'General Fund'. It seems that the G.F. is now going for: Tourism Investment Program Fund - This reflects the merging of the Tourism Growth Investment Fund and the Major Projects Fund. Both of these funds received dedicated revenue streams to fund tourism and other economic developed related capital projects. Specific major projects include: $203.3 million for a completely rebuilt Convention Center on the
existing site; $32.3 million for a new performance theater; and $3 million to expand the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center parking facilities. I thought tourism was supposed to help the citizens, not Read More

I would not move here ! - 1/16/2013
I have lived here on the oceanfront for 9 years to long now. I am from Baltimore Md. The reason for me staying , my clients, I am a hair stylist. Took all these years to build it up.Sooo $$$ is good. First off.
1). very rude people 2). terrible traffic 3).dirty trashy 4)drug infested 5). big roachs locals call them waterbugs Bullcrap 6).gangs
7).just this month 5 shootings in a 1 mile from my house, and I live in one of the better areas. Felt safer in Baltimore 8). lack of jobs 9) filthy restraunts 10) lack of things to do eat and drink thats it! 11) very hot and humied in the summer 12)lots of homeless people everwhere 13) rent and property are very high 14)taxes are 10% for restruants.15)money rules here 16) they rape there locals on taxes here. you are taxed on everything !! 16) you will pay property taxes on your car every year and on top of that you will need to get it inspected every year. 17) you better be a repub. and not a dem. when you move here or you will be Read More

Relocation to VA Beach - 12/1/2012

I am a Realtor here in VA Beach and actually live in the John B Dey school district. I am happy to help you navigate the area if you have not already found something (I see you were asking this question back in August!) Many of the communities in this area have a little neighborhood park and many homes have individual pools because of the climate. However, one of the benefits of VA Beach is our Recreation centers. they are throughout VA Beachand there is one right down Great Neck Road from John B Dey. They are VERY reasonable and have a pool, fitness centers, racquet ball, basketball & various programs/classes for the community. There are also several golf/and or country clubs that you could join if you like. There are many options and if you need help send me a response Read More

VARIED CLIMATE - 11/24/2012
Very nice place for families; affordable, low crime and excellent schools. The weather is somewhat varied but not too extreme. Summers are hot and humid, spring and fall are ideal and winter is cold but not too bad. My only dislikes are the humid summers, thunderstorms, hurricanes, the many mosquitos and the lack of interesting things to do. I'm single and traveled quite a bit and just find things a little too slow moving for me and not much culture; I'm actually bored here and although it has pockets of prettiness, it's not for Read More

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