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Tallwood High School
1668 Kempsville Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 648-5700
public | 9-12
County: Virginia Beach city


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/12/2012studentThis is really a great school. I am a junior this year and the school is really cool. I love the selection of languages and the drama club. The teachers are friendly and helpful.
2/4/2011studentI am a senior at Tallwood, and I love it. I am a Global Studies and World Languages Academy student, and would be going to Green Run if I wasnt in the academy. The teachers are, on the whole, wonderful. They are nice and know what they are doing. However, there are a few that arent as good, but they are rare. I am an avid athlete, participating in Cross Country, both Tracks, and Soccer, and although the sports teams arent all the best in the district, we have a lot of team spirit, and are all, espeically the Cross Country team, really close. The school is clean, and the custodians nice. I am glad I decided to go to Tallwood, and do not regret it at all.
6/4/2010otherA score of 4 is low. The comments are mixed and I don't seem to understand what really is the problem.
2/7/2010studentI'm a Junior this year and I adore Tallwood. It's very clean, and the staff is wonderful. The teachers are very lively and know how to keep students attention while teaching. We have a great drama and band program. It is a very safe environment, and I love going to school everyday.
4/18/2009parentMy daughter now attends Tallwood, she is doing very well and is very interested in her studies, the chool is very clean and the staff is friendly, I am really glad that she is attending such a great school
3/19/2009studentTallwood High School IS the PRIDE of Virginia Beach. We are 'WILD with PRIDE!'
11/25/2008studenti love tallwood the teachers are amzing and we stil have a clean school.We take pride in looking our best and take care of our school.We have lots of school spirt and are always involed in bettering the cummunity.
5/29/2008studentThe administration is uncooperative and unfriendly. There are too many students and the fine arts programs are very bad.
5/29/2008parentMy daughter will be attending this fall. She is she has some learning challenges, and Tallwood, in cooperation with the principal and staff have already held a very inspiring event for parents of students with challenges. I'm glad I found out about it in time. I hope this will be a great upcoming year!
4/7/2008parentTallwood School is a great school. My oldest daughter who is in 9th grade loves going there. She refuses to leave. The teachers are dedicated, the school is safe and the is plenty to learn!
2/29/2008parentGreat school with excellent teachers. I recommend this school highly.
11/12/2007former studentI was a student and a key roll in the Tallwood High School Band. The school has a wonderful music program with a great teacher.
10/27/2007studentYeah, I'm Taylor and I am a Tallwood pupil. Tallwood is an awesome school. The teachers are so much fun and they are very humorous, but they know when to get down to work and be serious. The principal, well, i don't really know her but so far I don't favor her very much. Neither do more than half of the students. I am a freshman, but I can already tell that Tallwood is the best school possible for anyone to enroll into. Thank you.
6/26/2007parentI feel Tallwood High School is a good school overall. Most of the teachers are involved and pro-active. The only concern I have with not only Tallwood but Virginia Beach Schools is their security cameras. Talking about a waste of money! My son had his bike stolen, we can see the tape but we couldn't even tell if one of the people standing there in the tape was my son! Money needs to be spent on the kids security and get better cameras!!
8/3/2006studentI am a former tallwood student; I transferred to Open Campus because of excessive absences. This summer im am in summer school. I hoping to be able to get back into tallwood for this 06 year because Open Campus doesn t provide the type of sources that colleges really look at. I believe I can only get that at tallwood. Tallwood provides so many ways for you to succeed and go to a good university.
4/7/2006parentMy child goes to Tallwood and he really likes it. The only complaint he has is towards the lunch ladies. In his opinion, they can be rude. The teachers my child has had have been wonderful, especially the science teacher, Mr Goodboy. He is a great teacher and makes science fun. Mrs. Plummer is an A+, as is Mrs. Harris. I am very grateful to all. The Freshmen Asst Principal is key on. She has assisted us in the past and stood by her word.
10/30/2005studentI am currently a senior at Tallwood and, for the most part, loving it. The new principal has done very little for the school and has tried to ruin our phenomenal fine arts program. I, personally, dislike her and her policies. The teachers are, mostly, awesome. There are a few that could stand to be gotten rid of, but those are rare. The school has opportunities for almost anyone to do something. I am in the band and love the program. It is amazing and extremely rewarding. Though I am not fond of our principal, I like Tallwood and what it has to offer.
4/6/2005former studenti was a student at tallwood until i moved but tallwood was the best school i have ever attended th academics were great teachers were awesome and was always there to help you. you can get away with alot of things at tallwood but if you get caught you are in a world of trouble even though the administrators try to reason with you about what your punishment will be. you work together as a team i really miss tallwood and am going to try to attend there again soon because i really want to be a graduate of tallwood high school. thats how great of a high school it is.
9/23/2004former studentI am a would-be alumni of Tallwood. I quit after my junior year and went on to Harding University. My brother and sister also attended Tallwood and likewise did not finish there for different reasons. I will graduate from Harding in May. I and my siblings are examples of students that 'fell through the cracks' at Tallwood. If you're children are not 'problematic' or 'special needs' then they will probably not have the same experience as my family did. I hope that under the leadership of the new principal, the students that need attention will not be overlooked.
7/4/2004former studentI am not a parent, but I am an alumni. If I can make it happen, my children will go to this school. I can't imagine sending them anywhere else. The teachers are awesome, hard classes, but the teachers give the students a challenge and make the students think. The teachers are willing to do after school tutoring if necessary. The extra curricular activities are a blast.
4/18/2004parentExcellant school,Great teachers.Loads of afterschool activities and clubs.High parent involvment.All around pleasant atmosphere for children,teachers & parents.
2/23/2004former studentTallwood is a fabulous school with excellent leadership. Mr. Morgan shows a genuine concern for the overall welfare of the students and faculty. There are plenty of opportunities for both students and parents to get involved, in terms of sports, academic clubs, service groups, etc. The school is also very diverse and most of the students are very welcoming.
8/25/2003parentI'm not a parent but a former student. The school is a nice size and clean. The teachers are okay. But the students aren't to good.

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