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Rosa Parks Elementary School
13446 Princedale Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22193
(703) 580-9665
public | PK-5
County: Prince William


  School Head OfficialYear
Jarcelyn Hart2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/6/2012parentRosa Parks elementary school is EXCELLENT! The past principal and current principal both have put their hearts into this school to make it what it is today. You can feel the warmth when you walk into the school. The staff knows each child by name and that is very impressive. My daughter always achieves honor roll and has learned so much in her 4 years at Rosa Parks. Thank you Rosa Parks staff for giving my daughter an awesome start.
10/19/2011parentThis is an excellent school. The resources seem to be used in the best way possible. Lots of technology and a fair amount of diversity in the staff...people of all ages, different ethnicities, & both genders.
2/15/2011parentThis school has everything I could ask for in a school. An administration that is beyond outstanding- very in touch, caring, involved, fantastic communicators, and quickly solves any issues. The instructors (including the music, art, PE, science, etc.) are very dedicated- and passionate about what they teach. The four classroom (home-room) teachers I've got to know very well are all exceptional! The classes appropriately challenge my children. My kids always come home pleased with this school. They love school- it is fun to them and they are most certainly learning every day. I feel like my children are treated like individuals here, not just a part of a group. They are very in-tune to my kid's feelings and immediately detect something when they aren't being their normal selves- and immediately contact my husband and I. The front office staff must have the greatest memories- they know the kids by their names and our situations at home. VERY HAPPY WITH THIS SCHOOL!
3/20/2010parentGreat leadership. Sound basics. Solid discipline. Strong communication. Family friendly. Principal makes decisions based on what she would want for her own children. Rich activities- talent show, music programs, fitness. Excellent music program. Instruction- Committed gifted education staff. Classroom instruction varies, as w/any school. History and science are given short shrift by most teachers. A science lab is in the rotation of 'specials' each week. Reading instruction is quite strong. Writing could be more rigorous. Kids are not taught cursive in any coherent way. Mathematics is a mystery- teachers have not bought into county's new math program and so they appear to rely almost exclusively on Accelerated Math which is a pretty boring and low level test/drill/test/drill approach to math instruction. This is an area where they could improve. Technology use by teachers is above average. PTO is active and school has good resources- it is relatively new.
8/12/2009parentSchool and staff is excellent. They do everything withing their power to accommodate the student's needs. My son went from being labeled with ADD at a previous school to the gifted program on this one. They worked with him to see how they could help him better and in the process learned he was just bored and not challenged enough. This year he got a score of 600 on his SOL and that is a perfect score. This was possible thanks to dedicated teachers and a very dedicated and hard working principal, vice principal and encore teachers. No wonder it's been school of excellence since it opened. Every year teachers and even the principal are awarded by the county. Is by far the best school my kids have been to!
4/29/2009parentThis school is great! Being a military family, our kids have gone to a couple of different elementary schools. The school offers music, art, PE, computer and science labs as part of the curriculum and the staff and administrators know just about every child by name. They study and work hard, then are rewarded for their hard work! My 4th grader just attended an Honor Roll Sleepover at the school. The teachers send home weekly progress reports as a way of communicating about your child's progress. They are a little funny when it comes to any type of holiday celebrations. The children were not allowed to dress up for Halloween--even in Halloween t-shirts and their was no mention of Christmas or Christianity in their study of holidays. They also didn't allow any holiday parties. I know this might be considered nit-picky, but it was something that bothered me.
4/25/2009parentI'll have to admit I was hesitant from the beginning about sending my children to public school. I was requested by another parent to give this school a try. Boy, am I glad I did! What an excellent staff starting with the Principal and Asst Principal. They make every effort to know each child by name, and what's going on in their lives to better understand their learning habits. This school goes above and beyond the call of duty, and I would (and have) advocate this school to any parent in this district. If you're not afraid to get involved in your child's education, you can't go wrong with this school! They are continually finding new ways to challenge and reward the students.
12/29/2008parentThe school does very well in communicating to parents via monthly newsletters/bulletins and the website; however, communicating on an individual level continues to be a problem, particularly teacher-to-parent and teacher-to-child, e.g., homework and test dates/results. While the focus of the school is on achievement--recognition of excellence in SOLs, attendance, and requirements toward the IBP--the emphasis tends to be all about the school (and the school district looking good), rather than what the school and the district are doing to promote the individual achievement of the child. Perhaps one cause is that funding is attached to SOLs and IBP, but this isn't likely the entire problem.
3/25/2008parentExcellent caring teachers combined with high tech classrooms. We have been with the school for two years and love it. The kids all have so much pride instilled from the administration. The teachers provide additional resources and helpful hints when needed. Encore subjects are great and PTO is very involved. My kids love going to school. Thank you Mrs. Hart.
2/7/2008parentWonderful administration! I can't say enough about the dedication & professionalism of the staff. Academics are top notch & the parent is constantly informed. Administration makes children feel loved & often plans special events & gifts to reward their hard work. Absolutely love this school & feel honored to be part of the rosa parks family....Oh & the pto does it all for the school...A rock climbing wall...You name it!

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