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School Profile

Emma L Carson Elementary School
8615 182nd St East
Puyallup, WA 98375
(253) 840-8808
public | K-7
County: Pierce


  School Head OfficialYear
Arturo Gonzalez2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/21/2012parentCarson is a really good school. It does have a large population, but it only serves the Silvercreek neighborhood. My husband and I have four children attending Carson in the grades of K, 1st, 4th and 6th. If your kids live in the boundaries of Carson- your kids walk to school (either by themselves, with parents, or parent volunteers via the walking school bus system) or get dropped off. However if you have a child in Kindergarten- they are given an option to take the bus depending if on AM or PM schedule. AM is offered afternoon drop off via the bus, and PM is offered pickup services. Wed is a short day and 'K' attendance is on an alternating schedule. I volunteer in my kids classroom every week, and the staff/faculty are very caring, dedicated and wonderful. The PTA can always use more participants, but a wonderful choice for a school. Get into this area- you won't be disappointed. Great school, huge park with views of Mt. Rainer, grocery stores and pharmacy within walking distance. This year weekly cooking classes were offered to grades 2-6. My oldest two have been going and LOVE it! There is also Coyote choir, yearly Veterans Day tribute assemblies, and Track for 5-6 grade.
2/3/2012parentThe Vice Principal seems unaware of how thing are run in the school. I never see the Principal nor have had any correspondence with him, even after e-mailing.. Education here is sub-par. For this school being as large as it is, it has very, very little to offer for after school activities and academics.
3/26/2011parentThe school and/or PTA try hard. Movie nights, Restaurant nights, etc. Parking is a bottleneck though. Cross-guards are out there in the mornings almost religiously which is a good thing with soooo many walkers. The Principal Gonzales should be a bit more involved and smile more to the parents. This school has great teachers and is a great place for students. I noticed they have recently setup a surveillance system or it will be going up soon. Sounds safe.
11/8/2010parentSchool looks good on the outside but the leadership at the school has no sense of right and wrong this school allows and encourages 5 year old children to walk over a mile to school.
5/15/2010parentGreat staff and great parents with incredible students! Go Carson Coyotes!
5/12/2010parentThey have an awesome staff of teachers principals & office staff
5/12/2010parentCarson is a school of the 21st Century with exceptional staff and great families. We have built a focus on supporting success for all kids and work closely with our community to ensure we live up to our mantra: Carson Coyotes...Succeed Every Day!
5/12/2010parentwe have an excellent staff, a wonderful building, but have a very low building fund- this would help out so much!
5/12/2010parentCarson is a great school. It has an excellent staff that cares about its students. They also care about the community. With all the budget cuts in todays ecomony this money would be a great help.
1/21/2010parentMy name is James Turner. I am a parent who has had a child attend Emma L Carson Elemntary School and has another who currently attends. I believe this school is a great school. It offers a lot of teacher and administrative staff involvement. I myself have been part of a school district where you had to fight your way in and fight your way out! There were very few teachers who really cared. Nowadays, teachers are not just teachers,they're also parents to a lot of kids whom don't get proper training at home which in turn makes teaching very challenging. I believe a lot of teaching starts at home. So, lets make it a little bit easier for the school by being better parents to our children while they are under our care!
1/2/2010parentThe whole organization has gone downhill. They are always asking for volunteers , but never call you back. Poor PTA, Poor leaders, an unorganized mess!
12/21/2009parentI agree that this school has gone downhill. However, I wonder if it was ever good from the beginning. There is very poor leadership from the principal (the vice principal is more of a leader) on every matter. Very disappointed that a new school is so very over crowded, without clear direction. We didn't move here because of the school district or school (wasn't built at the time) but we are currently looking at placing our house up for sale and moving because of the school and district.
12/7/2009parentUnfortunately this brand new school has gone down hill rather quickly. There are over 900 children who attend this school. It is a walking school, so there is no bus service to school. And as you can imagine no supervision of the children on the way home or to It always amazes me the inconsistancies between what the administration (principal and vice) say and what they do regarding disciplinary matters. They say they want to be told about it and be involved. If you child is involved in an 'incident' you never hear about it until 3 or 4 days later until discipline has occured. Where are the childrens rights? And who advocates for them in the disciplinary process? However, if you call and complain about an'incident'with your child, you never receive any follow-up or are told that becauses this happend off of school grounds nothing can be done about it.
9/9/2009parentMrs. Wall is the best! My boy has improved his reading, writing and math scores dramatically with her style of teaching.
5/15/2008parentEveryone is so kind and welcoming! I love the phone updates. My daughter loves Mrs. Wall and all the office staff. Thanks for all you do to make each of the kids feel special.

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