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Heritage High School
7825 NE 130th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 604-3400
public | 9-12
County: Clark


  School Head OfficialYear
Anne Sosky2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/7/2012parentWhat a Circus! Between the district and the school, there seems to be less than no communication, no one within the school knows what anyone else is doing and asking questions invites a wild goose chase for answers. As a parent, I encountered a handful of caring individuals willing to invest effort in my intelligent, yet charmingly lazy, senior. The admin, however took all year to realize some PE credits didn't transfer and he needed more. Would have been helpful information, right? It's tough enough for a kid to realize his own mistakes, but add them to those made by the people in charge, and this could do much more harm than good. Willing to stake your child's education on this being a unique situation?
11/2/2010otherI'm a Heritage alumni and while I had a great social experience, the education itself was average. Most teachers I had lacked solid credentials and there was a tendency to set the bar low. It was easy to skip, sleep, and not study while still attaining an A (including some AP classes). Overall the school doesn't prepare you for a good university at all since it's goal is to pass the dumbest students alive. If the student isn't smart, flunk them. Don't make the entire curriculum easier because of them. Due to this low bar, most students will be stuck going to weaker schools such as WSU. One reason for the below average student body and teachers is the fact that a major focus of many high schools includes extracurricular activities, and social events that distract the students from the actual education. etc...
2/11/2010studentI go to heritage currently and its a great school but the teachers dont explain things enough and then pile homework on that we dont understand so our grades plumit when our homework has incorrect answers on it.... just something to think about!
7/20/2009studentI really wish it was easier to do multiple things. Big Brother Big Sister interferes with Running Start and sports such as swimming, and band. I would love to do clubs such as art or environmental club. There is a ton of things to do, but not enough time to do it all. Overall, I enjoyed Heritage, but high school is high school, there is always going to be the good kids, the bad kids, the good teachers, the bad teachers, the easy classes, and the hard classes. I don't know how to compare Heritage to to any other high schools, but it is a really good school, and there will always be nice kids to hang around. :)
1/2/2009parentMy child goes to this school and I think its the best school ever. I don't think I could have put her in a better school. It's a great school. The teacher involvement is incrediable. Great job heritage.
9/17/2008studentI am a sophemore at Heritage. We definately have alot of school spirit. Most of the teachers are amazing people and good at what they teach. There are alot of opportunities for people who like to dance, such as classes and after school teams. It isn't the best school if you are pursuing art however. There is a photography, drawing, pottery, and basic art class. I found it hard to get into one because they fill up really fast and there isn't much space considering the large amount of students in school. Of ourse, there are great fitness classes for anyone who loves being active or wants to get in shape.
2/21/2008studentI am currently a sophomore at Heritage and love every minute of it. There are so many programs and activities to get involved in. We have a variety of sport and clubs. The classes are also plentiful. Art is encouraged here with a required fine arts credit. There is a great drama program and also photography, pottery, and drawing. Physical Ed. is also strongly encouraged because of the 2 credits required. Standardized testing isn't a huge deal which is good especially if you want your student to care about the work instead ofworking hard to get the grade. The teachers are fantastic with a different style of teaching. Uhm.. there are 4 computer labs which can be used after school. Hope this helps.
10/15/2007studentThe education is great and the teachers teach good.
6/25/2007studentarts are encouraged at heritage you need 1 art credit to graduate.teachers are involved with students their opinion is listened to.we do not have poor school spirit,if we did our stands would be quiet at the games.it may be overcrowded but that will change when union9new school in the district) opens in the fall.i as a student have seen others part of multiple clubs and it is not difficult.we hardly get tresspassers at all.the administration helps students by working with them if they get into trouble.they try to help them suceed.i reccomend this school.
3/27/2007studentArts are great but not encouraged. some teachers are less than involved with students. Poor school spirit and involvment lead to kids who dont care and many failed attempts at 'community atmosphere'. Realistically its over crowded and heading in a bad direction. Clubs dont interact well so its difficult to be a part of multiple ones. Administration seems to be very worried about outsiders will think but they dont spend enough time actually helping students.
1/19/2006former studentHeritage is a pretty good school, and its after school activities are very good. it has many choices for all different types of people attending.
12/14/2005former studentHeritage is a great high school. Not only does it provide advanced placement classes for nearly every subject, but it has programs for every level of development. You can tell the teachers want to be there, which gives the environment a very positive feel. As for the extracurricular activities, the sports teams, though I didn't pay close attention, were pretty good. They also had debate, science olimpiad, and a sort of law(trial) event. Parents were involved whenever they wished. The senior party was completely controlled by parents with little to no help by the administrators. Parents also had many random events they had set up occasionaly. It all depends on how involved a parent wishes to be.
6/1/2005studentGreat school. Great Arts, Choir, Drama. Computers in two labs out dated soon to be replaced. Auditorium not at highest quality standards.
10/18/2004studentI am a student that is currently attending Heritage and am starting as a Junior. Heritage has helped me become better in social atmospheres and has helped me become an accomplished Track athlete. My outlook on the next year and college years has been opened to help me get a scholarship and to help me better understand the career choice I have made. I would suggest heritage to anyone whether they were family or friends. The athletics are very accomplished as well as the choir and band. It also offers an array of different extra curricular activities that help on college transcripts and with job interviews. So keep up the good work Heritage. Go T-WolveS.
10/10/2003otherWhat a joke, i find the AP article about the special education program appalling. administrators and teachers alike should be ashamed of themselves.
6/29/2003  I'm actually not a parent, but a student at heritage high school. I'm just starting my senior year at HHS and have really enjoyed my years here. HHS has a fantastic music program with dedicated, passionate teachers and talented role model students in all grades. Outside of the band-geek croud that I reside within, the students have a lot of clubs that encourage community envolvement in cultural diversity, economic and government debate, art and literature, and the environment. Despite being a very new school, it has already made significant accomplishments and won awards with its wrestling team, dance team, and band. I have had a blast here, and can't wait to see what we achieve next year!

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