Eau Claire, WI

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Eau Claire, WI

About Eau Claire, WI

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a dynamic city located in the Chippewa Valley. With its rolling hills, lush forests and tranquil rivers, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can explore attractions such as Carson Park, the UW-Eau Claire campus, and Artisan Forge Studios. The downtown area offers plenty of dining options and entertainment spots like The Volume One Gallery and State Theatre. From peaceful retreats to big city thrills, Eau Claire has something for everyone! Small city - Northwest Wisconsin .

State: Wisconsin
County: Eau Claire County
Metro Area: Eau Claire Metro Area
City: Eau Claire
Zip Codes: 54703 54701
Cost of Living:
Time zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Elevation: 838 ft above sea level

Eau Claire lies along I-94 about 60 miles east of the Minnesota border and Mississippi River and 80 miles east of Minneapolis-St. Paul. A former logging town with more diversified industry today, Eau Claire is a gateway to wilderness and recreation areas to the north and northeast. The attractive town has older buildings and shady streets along a graceful bend in the Chippewa River. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire adds about 10,000 students and some college town flavor. The outskirts, mostly above the valley, are quite spread out with a number of light manufacturing firms and retail developments mainly south and east of downtown.

Suburbs spread mainly north towards Chippewa Falls, a nice mainly residential small town with some higher end developments about 5 miles away. Typical of a small Wisconsin town are the low cost of living and crime, and clean, attractive surroundings.

Eau Claire sits in the scenic Chippewa Valley at the convergence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers. The immediate terrain is level with wooded hills rising in all directions from town. The landscape flattens to the west toward the Mississippi River and many lakes are to the north. The continental climate and location near major storm tracks bring wide fluctuations in temperature and precipitation.

Summers are warm with moderate humidity and periods of warmer weather. Winters are cold with varying humidity and outbreaks of bitter cold following storm systems arriving from the west. Summer precipitation occurs mainly as thunderstorms, while snowfall and snow cover persists all winter. The valley location can result in fog on cool nights. The city’s position to the west of the Great Lakes means more sunny days than other Wisconsin cities. First freeze is late September, last is mid-May.

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Eau Claire Cost of Living

Attractive setting, low crime, and healthcare make Eau Claire a great place to live.

-24.0% lower than avg
-14.0% lower than avg
$825 /mo
Monthly rent (2br)
-39.2% lower than avg
Eau Claire Crime
38.4 / 100
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high). US average: 35.4
Minimum annual income
To live comfortably in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
for a family
for a single person
Pros & Cons of Eau Claire
   Attractive setting
Harsh winters
   Low crime
Recent economic weakness
Low ethnic diversity
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I was born in Spokane, Washington but we moved to Eau Claire when I was no more than 2 years old, so you can bet that all I remember is Eau Claire and Chippewa. I went  More

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Progressive business for its  More

   |    Reply

Over 9 years ago

I am considering moving there because summer in Denver CO metro area is too hot to me although it is dry. Eau Claire seems to be a best place to move but my most  More

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