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Huntsville is a fun place to live ,work and play - 8/21/2019
Huntsville,Alabama is "firing on all cylinders" you could say. It's job market is pretty hot with a new 1.6 billion dollar Mazda-Toyota plant with about 4 to 10,000 jobs expected to generate from it along with about 4,000 FBI job transfers over a 5 year plan to the Redstone Arsenal. The city has worked very hard to diversify its workforce. Cummings Research park is the 2nd largest in the US and when you combine a NASA center (Marshall Space Flight Center) , a Military base (Redstone Arsenal ) you have a very strong economy. The downtown is on the move with expansion of a new concert hall at the VBC , a new banking headquarters is going up (Redstone Federal Credit Union), over five new hotels are in the works , Hospital expansion, a new Federal courthouse, city hall are in the planning stages .Big retail and entertainment developments such as Bridge Street ,Mid City, and Town Madison are attracting the national scene with Top Golf , High Point Climbing, Dave and Buster's, Duluth Read More

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Great small town--but VERY spread out - 7/31/2019
We are military that retired here. Yes, it's conservative & lacking in strong municiple mgmt, but we are fairly liberal from the North. I tell people to give Huntsville 1.5-2 yrs, & you will begin to see its a great little town as you meet friends & enjoy activities. We've lived her for 12 years & raised kids here. We are very active in the athletic community (running, biking, hiking, swimming, golf).
NEVER buy a house before you live here--deal with the inconvenience and little added expenses and RENT for at least a year. It is VERY spread out, & I became a realtor just because so many military folks made choices in home buying that they regret (ie, traffic patterns, distance from cultural activities, etc). Read More

Happy in Huntsville - 5/1/2018
Huntsville, AL is my home, and I love it here! The culture is a mix of Southern Hospitality and limitless innovation. The traffic is not bad at all compared to other places my friends live. We have some of the best schools in the Nation. There are fun events going on all the time to include family activities, music, arts, food & beverage and more. There are restaurants with unique and delicious selections and a large selection of craft beer.

Huntsville has been recognized by Forbes, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and many other publications as one of the Top Ranked Cities in the US related to cost of living, salaries, STEM, business climate, growth and innovation.

I also feel tremendous pride about living in a place where the Defense of our Freedom is a central focus. There are literally rocket scientists everywhere. There are young professionals working on innovative solutions that will change our world. It is a pleasure to live in place where I feel Read More

No longer a southern town - 4/24/2018
You will read hundreds of reviews about Huntsville, which are from people that aren't from here. About 2 in 10 people you meet are actually residents here. 10 years here doe s not make you a local. I have been here 38 years and I am 3rd generation. Most of the complaints on here about driving and bubba's are from sheer ignorance. Most of the staff I work with are from California, New York, New Jersey and so on. There are only 3 of us that are from here out of 288. If you are an engineer this place Is for you. We have watched our society degrad over the last decade. Rude behavior and arrogance are not a southern tradition. Most residence have left due to the shift and Huntsville is no longer a southern town, but a town in the south. We are not dumb hillbillies, myself, brothers, sister and parents have advanced degrees. We can't help but see the values go down the toilet, but all government cities are this way. Aniston has just recovered from that after McClellan closed. If you are a Read More

Do not move here - 5/1/2017
This place is one of the worst places I have lived being former military. It sucks big Read More

Good town for conservative families. - 3/30/2017
If you like religious folks, conservative values, and southern culture this is the place for you. There's a lot of young professionals and military families that move here mainly for work first off. A lot of people I talk to don't really care to live here but, it's where work is. On that note i've lived in Huntsville from 2013 to now and 2009-2010. The city has taken huge steps to try and improve the quality of life with new buildings upgrades, and amenities trying to appeal to the younger people moving into the city in hopes of keeping them. The new mid-city development where madison square mall was and the City Centre development downtown. They've become rather eccentric about the artisan and craft goods movement that every other town has. Good thing is even working retail one can afford to live here a house doesn't cost very much and cost of living is cheap. The weather can be a bit extreme here as of the last few years we've had 70 degree days in December and 20 degree days in Read More

Behind the times - 2/1/2017
Too much crime for population. Not progressive enough has the potential to be great but falls short. Not welcoming to transplants. Lacks true diversity and culture. Poor health system and economy lacks growth. Lots of building of fast-food chain businesses and houses, however ot does not match the growth. Traffic is senseless, people drive like they lack the gumption to keep moving. For example the signal may turn green and there is nearly a minute delay before cars move resulting in only 3 cars making the light. There may appear to be traffic but it is really just slow moving vehicles. People tend to leave nearly 2 car lengths when stopped at a light. In the last week alone I have seen 2 drivera make improper left lanes obstructing the flow of traffice. They turned from the outside lane instead of the center lane designated for turning. Oh yeah drivers hesitate then pull out in front of you as you are approaching. They don't want to stop for emergency vehicles or school Read More

Huntsville, mediocrity is thy name. - 5/24/2016
Huntsville used to be a very progressive town. Back in the days of the space race, the town had a very high content of engineers and scientists from other locations within the United States as well as other countries. Over time, the culture has degraded significantly. If you are looking for an environment that has a very high Evangelical Christian content then this is your town. If you are looking for the type of cultural events that are common in the more progressive areas of the United States such as the Pacific North West or New England, you will be sadly disappointed. The economy is primarily based around the defense industry so if you like making bombs this is your town. Most of the other industry has vanished, moved either to Mexico or China so you're pretty much relegated to the housing industry (which is dominated by the illegal immigrant population), fast food worker or the aforementioned bomb making. While Huntsville used to have stellar representation in the US Congress Read More

Nice a Place to Visit - 9/23/2015
If you belong to the Tea Party, then this is the place for you. They are still fighting the Civil War here, so Yankees will have a hard time fitting in. These people are very conformist and only talk about church, football, guns, Alabama, the South, their hatred of Obama, and their kids and grandkids. God forbid if they should have a deeper thought. I have seen throughout the community a desire on the part of people who don't know what they are talking about to run things, and they will cause fights and disruptions in order to be in control. There are some nice people here, but they have become harder and harder to find. The people here don't carry on discussions, instead think they are debates, will interrupt you because they're not really listening, will try to impose their views on you, are only concerned about themselves, and may even talk at the same time you're talking to them, even when you are trying to give them important information they need. They don't seem to know how to Read More

Average Southern City - 2/2/2015
Huntsville, AL is a mid-sized city in north-central Alabama. It has a great economy/job market. The weather consists of hot, humid summers and mild, grey, wet winters. There are 2 minor league sports teams (just lost baseball in 2014) and several small college sports teams. There are lot's of things to do here if you know where to look. Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, Gulf Coast and Savannah are all weekend destination cities within a 2-7 hour drive. However, after living here since 2000 I am bored with this city and looking for a change after my daughter graduates high school in 2017. It's a great place to raise a family, get a college education and build a strong career but I wouldn't want to live here forever. Read More

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310 Four Mile Post Rd SE
Bed 6 | Bath 4

2416 Moore Ave NW
Bed 3 | Bath 2

386 Springhill Rd NW
Bed 5 | Bath 6

3502 Panorama Dr SE
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1306 Teenajo Dr SE
Bed 3 | Bath 2

33 Cobbs Cove Way SE
Bed 4 | Bath 3

3000 Glen Willow Ct SE
Bed 4 | Bath 5


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