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terrible place - 4/18/2019
i have lived in Kingman too long its a dirty seedy town in the mohave dessert area wind blows here all the time snakes coach roaches scorpions abound people here are dirty nasty backwards trump supporters most of the residents live in dessert with no money poor people abound and most smoke and do not bath do not move here unless your a white power Read More

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Please Don't Do This, Saving Money Is Not Worth It - 9/20/2018
My wife and I moved here from the Midwest for 2 reasons. One, because as a critical needs hospital they would pay for her to finish her NP school, a cost I was willing to allow them to pay. We also came out for the cheaper cost of living, unfortunately with cheap comes many other costs. The hospital (essentially 3 men) own every facet of this town. The town is run by the Mormon temple who are exceptionally greedy at the expense of the residents. There are few amenities here, but not for any other reason than that the "good ole boys club" does not want the town to grow. There is nothing to do here unless you travel 1 to 3 hours away. The schools are littered with cockroaches and if you do some research KUSD has an F rating for education. There is no infrastructure and what buildings exist are falling apart. It has been tough for my wife and I to meet people as half the population are former inmates while the other half are addicted to meth. 90 percent of the population is either on Read More

Great views, and affordable place to live. - 7/30/2018
I have lived in Kingman for 2 years and like it. It has enough shopping and events to keep us busy. There are alot of new houses and businesses going up. It is not a big city, but it does have 4 grocery stores plus a super Walmart. Lots of restaurants to choose from fast food and mom and pop types along with chains like I-Hop, Chili's, and Golden Corral. For shopping we have Ross, Maurice's, JC Penney, 99 cent store, many dollar stores, payless shoes, and a couple of chain pet stores. The weather and views are great.We are cooler then Phoenix and LHC. Kingman is a mixed bag. Older nice homes and many newer homes priced in the 200,000- 400,000 dollar range as well as smaller homes and trailer parks. Kingman does have "Panhandlers" I have also seen the "panhandlers" when in Lake Havasu, Bullhead, and Phoenix. This problem is not exclusive to Kingman. Most of the people are friendly and many transplants from California. Plenty to do here. Hualapai mountains are great for escaping the Read More

Wow where do I start. Cops who kill their police animals and they just buy them a new one to kill again. A resident has a dog or cat which the city feels they are not taken care of enough go to jail for 3 years.

KMRC A middle eastern owned hospital with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. The chief cardiac doc have to have bypass he had himself flown to Phoenix for care. The hospital just completed a large addition , a bigger morgue NO JOKE. The hospital has a helicopter pad to fly people to las vegas for care since no doctor on staff can preform the most basic tasks like a cut finger they take it off verses sewing it back on. a car crash at a red light with neck injuries get flown to las Vegas. who owns the helicopter service the doctors at the hospital own the company.If your older and need care this is not your home.

City government is like at the JR high level meaning student government. They want to raise taxes so they can build new exits onto the Read More

If people cared, this could be a decent place - 2/13/2018
This review is more for New Kingman/Butler, but since they're both considered Kingman by the post office and realtors, I'm posting this here. Anyway, some points go for both neighboring areas.

I've lived here over three years, and this is what I've observed. The area is pretty scenic, surrounded by beautiful mountains in all directions, and some home areas are even nice. The utility prices are fair and the internet is fast, but just a bit pricey. The shopping in Kingman is decent, but not what you'll experience in big cities, and the healthcare is alright. Much of the area consists of mobile homes, which are inexpensive and decent homes. But you must take care of them, like anything else. That's the problem. A good percentage of them are SEVERELY run down and/or abandoned. Many of them are rentals. A large percentage of the landlords don't seem to care AT ALL how the area looks, their renters living in complete squalor, which lowers the value of the surrounding Read More

Cheap Property Tax but that's about it !!!!!!!!!! - 1/29/2018
We moved to Kingman a while back and we really didn't do our homework, our bad. We read all we could but should have rented before we purchased a home for a permanent move to Kingman. Like the headline says "Cheap Property Tax" but all of Mohave County is reasonable. Kingman has an almost 9.5% sales tax rate, is very dirty and gritty with indigent people begging (sometimes aggressively) on street corners, parking lots and parks. There are no major retailers in Kingman with large outlets except Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Want to go to Target, Kohl’s, BestBuy, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Dillard’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Trader Joes or anywhere else with a selection you’re going to travel to Lake Havasu, Bullhead City, Henderson NV or Phoenix

BTW to those of you that gave this review a thumbs down..... The Daily Miner Newspaper ran a comment from someone about a neighborhood area in Kingman named "BIRDLAND".

Beautiful weather and scenery. - 10/1/2017
I have enjoyed living here. Coming from the Midwest I love the sunshine and overall weather. We have met a lot of people from different states and some who have lived here all of their lives. Nice family and working class people for the most part. So many things to do and see right here in Kingman or a short scenic drive.We have lived here for a year. Coming from the Midwest we have found the weather to be wonderful.Many chain restaurants like Cracker barrel, Chili's, Golden Corral, Etc, along with many "mom and pop" places. We have also enjoyed the many activities Kingman and nearby towns have to offer. Fireworks on Memorial day on the river in Laughlin, fireworks in Kingman and Laughlin on the 4th, Keepers of the wild, Andy Devine days Rodeo, Andy Devine days,where we enjoyed a wonderful parade, car show and Historic Rt 66 presentation at the Kingman Museum. Many antique stores and quaint shops and restaurants downtown. Nothing to do? Really? Chillin on Beale which is FREE Read More

Not perfect but I like it - 1/4/2017
We moved here last spring after living in San Bernardino Ca for over 30 years. I watched our lovely neighborhood nestled in the shadow of the mountains turn from suburban farms to ghetto/slum. As the city went bankrupt gangs moved in. Shootings, assaults, burglary were constant and when it became a sanctuary city it became very dangerous for seniors in iffy health to stay. For every wonderful family thrilled at the chance of a new life there came the criminals to take advantage of lax law enforcement. I was blessed with a few wonderful neighbors, I was cursed with an abundance of nightmare neighbors.
Is Kingman perfect, no but--- I am not afraid. I can sit in my yard at night and see stars and not be afraid of being robbed or worse. I can go to the desert and target shoot and not be treated like a gun crazy maniac. I can say merry Christmas without offending any one. The desert and mountains are heartbreaking beautiful. There is not much in the way of shopping etc. Read More

Living in Kingman - 9/1/2016
Absolutely the worst place to live. The health care is nothing more than a greed corporation as there is one hospital here and they run every aspect of your health care(a misnomer if there ever was one)6 pap smears 4 mammograms and a lot of fear and anxiety later I went to another another state and have since refused to go to any DR. or facility here that is associated with KRMC and they all are because I found out that my pap and mammo came back normal and have since gotten them elsewhere.The air quality is horrible because this place is surrounded by mine's(copper etc.) and when the wind blow's which it does frequently those chemicals are what you are breathing and NO oversite on air or water quality or little. Because they (corrupt)politicians are letting hay farm's come in they are using up all of the ground water it is estimated that this place will run out of water in 2-3 year's. Education is a joke they rank at the bottom.Hot,dry and absolutely nothing to do here unless Read More

Arm pit - 11/13/2015
I moved out of California to get away from the over taxing, over regulations and the blatant attempt of the liberals in Commiefornia to take away my second amendment rights. I invested all my money in land and houses in this country, not knowing that it was being run by idiots. Since I bought my properties the property tax has increased by 300%. Now they don't even let the property owners appeal their assessed taxes. A large corporation has started farming large areas of this desert, they are growing alfalfa of all things. They are in the process of depleting our finite aquifer without a peep from the idiots in charge.


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4948 N Rain Barrel Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1915 Pacific Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

910 Grandview Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3587 Heather Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

3458 N Sage St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1499 Mustang Springs Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

3490 E Lawman Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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