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Beautiful Sun City - 2/14/2014
We are so happy to live in Sun City. The Sun City Recreation Centers are available for use by all citizens who pay the yearly membership (required). There are many facilities to chose from which are golf courses, swimming pools, fitness classes and creative arts classes. It is a very well run city and very clean. We even have volunteers that help those citizens that are not able to upkeep their yards due to financial or health reasons. I highly recommend Sun City to anyone looking for a retirement Read More

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Sun City life - 12/4/2010
Sun City, Arizona is a great place to live either year round or as a snow bird. Sun City has wonderful recreation centers (8 and counting) with over 150 clubs with annual dies as low as $3 per year. The members are always helpful teaching everything from silversmithing to woodworking. There are golf courses all around the city and warm pools for exercising and the new salt water pools are great. There are lots of new residents in Sun City as Americans retire younger and move here. They have remodeled many of the well-built homes, many of which set on large lots which isn't the norm in new subdivisions. March is the best month because the air is filled with the perfume from the orange blossoms! Taxes are extremely low as we do not pay school taxes or any city Read More

Nice Retirement in the Winter Months - 8/15/2010
Love AZ in the Winter - hate it in the Summer. Find a small condo/duplex/house in Sun City 55+ have a blast in the winter months and then leave for the summer - it is a comfortable way to live and not that expensive. Sun City has no schools so you aren't burdened with the taxes - saves a ton of money. U have over 12 recreational areas for Sr to enjoy all type of activities and then you have gulf courses every-where.

Most folks are pleasant - some more than others, Church is important which can be good or bad - depends on your preferences. Shopping in AZ - exclusive to average. Restaurants - to many to count.

The state is conservative and fair - Crime, well its a well populated state and when (if ever) the gvnmt gets their act together we will hopefully shut down he borders - eliminate the filth crossing our borders carrying drugs and stealing our babies to sell in the black markets., once this is accomplished the crime rate will be reduced tremendously. Read More

Retirement living - 7/8/2010
I lived in Payson, but moved away searching for some Culture, drama, & musicals. I really enjoyed the hiking, and ourdoors living in Payson.
After I recuperated from my surgery in Payson I was ready for more. Now I want to go back to the beautiful natural setting in Payson. I no longer travel much, and am ready for a sedentary life style. My volunteer days are over and I am looking for comfortable carefree living. I need to get away from the pollution of the big city. Payson seems Read More

Seniors have earned their place in the sun. - 5/22/2010
Just moving back to Arizona and have bought our new home in Sun City, Read More

A Best Value Community - 10/24/2009
If your looking for the best value in a 55+ community, look no further than Sun City. The community offers 7-Recreation Centers, 8-Golf Courses and over 120 various clubs. It also charges the lowest annual fee.
Sun City, an unincorporated community, has no city government and no schools which translates to low taxes. Recreational facilities are being upgraded with no special fees to current residents and the community doesn't incur debit for improvements.
Summer temperatures can be extreme, but 8 to 9 months are ideal.
Check out and to learn more about Sun City.
To compare 55+ communities try: Read More

Consider carefully before you make the move . . . - 2/5/2009
My husband worked for the Sheriff's Office and we lived in the metro Phoenix area for 18 years prior to moving to Sun City after our children moved out. We lived in Sun City for 3 years prior to reconsidering our options. Housing was very affordable and there were some great ammenities with all the recreation available. Frustration ensued when we discovered that they had rules for everything and the majority of people in the 55+ age group didn't want anything to be changed, ever! Also, if you are used to living in a community where they drive 25 mph you will be right at home here trying to maneuver between golf carts. Street traffic in the metro Phoenix area, outside of Sun City, moves at lightening speed and freeway traffic even faster. They now have photo radar on the majority of surface streets and all freeways. If you can't keep up drivers will run you down and be verbally abusive in the process. Air quality is some of the worst in the nation, so if you have any allergies or Read More

"Schools" in Sun City - 5/4/2008
Your comments on Sun City reference schools. There are no schools in Sun City; Sun City residents aren't in any school districts and don't pay school taxes. It is an age-restricted community (55 or older) and as such has been exempt from school taxes for many Read More

I wanted to know if this City and State would be - 7/31/2006
I am trying to relocate to a Sunny, warm place besided Florida. I live in Hartford, CT. I know already that it is cheaper to live in Arizona compared to Hartford, CT. I wanted to know what city do you recommend?


PS. What schools do you have that can better serve my boys? I have two who have ADHD?
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55+ community - 7/31/2006
visited there last summer, going back in the fall. May not be able to live there during June, July & August, but no humidity!! We are going to do more research. Cost of living in this city is low, (taxes average 800-1,00 per year, yet police, fire, and hospitals are available due to the fact that Sun City is not incorportated with the State. Builder Read More

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85351 85373

11005 W Granada Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 2

16610 N Orchard Hills Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 2

9702 W Campana Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

10101 W Kelso Dr
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12637 N 111th Ave
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11202 N Balboa Dr
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9703 W Redwood Dr
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