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Quality of Life - 3/7/2016
Williams Arizona is a great place to live and an amazing place to visit. My husband and I bought a summer home here in 2008. We moved full time to Williams a year ago from the Valley (Phoenix) and have not regretted a minute. There are many things to do in Williams. We are the Gateway to the Grand Canyon and have many tourist pass through Williams. Because we have so many visitors we are able to enjoy a really great grocery store and many good restaurants, that a town this size would not normally have. There is hiking, fishing, hunting, and many outdoor activities. There is a top notch Golf Course - Elephant Buttes - that rivals any course in the valley. Route 66 passes right through Williams and we have a western influence, because of the ranches in the area, Rodeos held every summer, and of course the shoot out shows, every night in the summer, and the train robbers. Such a fun place.  Read More

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They're letting it die - 2/15/2011
I've lived in Williams for a few years now. At first I was completely in love with this rustic, Rockwelliam little town, but as the years have passed I think I made a big error moving there.

Everything (and I do mean everything is far more expensive in Williams than any of the surrounding towns and the single grocery store, having the monopoly takes full advantage of this. It is completely insane when a family of two goes from Phoenix, spending around $275 per month for groceries to spening in excess of $650 a month for the same groceries. Gas is up to $1.00 higher than most stations outside of town and even the water is high. For the same household of two I spend over $100.00 per month and don't even water my lawn or have the pool I had in Phoenix where water cost less than $40.00 per month (topping off an ever-evaoprtaing pool). The property tax goes up at least 25% annualy as the house values plummet(explain that one), so the aveage person is stuck with and ever Read More

Bad place to live and raise a family - 3/28/2010
Williams Az is like a poor city. No place to raise children.Place to vacation and I don't even think to retire. You have to haul your water and it is filled with messy lots and mobile homes. (OLD ONES) Pretty ugly.Nice trees but again poverty looking. The people are pretty out of date with about everything.They are use to living like that , so no need for anything to be nice and clean. They can live with crap out in front of their homes.Williams Az will never have a Theme Park there. It is just a joke.If you want to go there I would camp out for a bit and I mean a bit then you will see and be running back home.People are kind of freaky too.It is just a joke of a no town.Go some where nice to camp or rest for a secluded vacation.There are many other places to find.Spending hard working money on something there would be very wrong to do. Trust me you would be very upset you did and would never be able to sell it. You would be out some money .Try it out and you will seeeeeeee Read More

Williams is a bit pricie but still my Meca - 10/18/2009
I live full time in California but my heart is in Williams. I have a home outside of town (north 0n Hwy 64), and love the tree covered property and modular home I have there. Although the cost of living is a bit higher in Williams then some other places, the cost of housing is WAY down compared to the San Gabriel Valley of Calif! There is not too much work available in Williams, but Flagstaff is just over a half hour away--unless it's snowing. Where I now live a half hour morning comute is only about 12 miles, on a good day! Williams locals do get a discount at some stores, which helps lower costs. The people over all are warm and welcomming, of course as in any barrel there are a few bad apples (probably from bad seeds...). To sum up; Williams is a great place to visit, and if you can handle a slower paced life and and a climae which is not the Calif beaches, it's a great Read More

Williams- Gateway to the Grand Canyon - 5/17/2007
Williams is the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Nice, friendly little tourist town, great place to visit. The Kaibab Forest is just minutes from downtown, a beautiful place to go camping, hiking, fishing, & for the hunting season. Favored by many of the folks living in the Phoenix area, to get away from the intense summer heat. During the summer the median temperature is about 88 degrees. The Elephant Rock Golf course is beautiful, & is occasionally visited by the herds of elk & deer. That's were the best, nicest, most expensive homes are located, encircling the golf course. On the south side of town, compared to the prices of Calif. real estate, Williams has a lot to offer by way of affordable housing, compared to Flagstaff. Should you plan to retire in Williams,no problem. But if you need to seek employment, & you have a family, be forewarned, Williams isn't the place for you, unless you don't mind commuting into Flagstaff or Prescott for decent wage employment. The wages in Williams Read More

Williams, AZ - 7/28/2006
Known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Williams is the home of the Grand Canyon railway and the community and its businesses are geared toward the tourist community. The cost of living is somewhat high compared to the average wage. Housing and land costs are comparable to Flagstaff land prices have risen considerably over the past couple of years.
Williams is friendly and sits in a beautiful mountain setting. An ideal place for vacations and recreation and about an hour from the Grand Canyon's south rim via private vehicle or take the Railway from Williams for an unforgettable family Read More

Flagstaff, Arizona - 7/28/2006
Friendly, but enormously expensive. A great place to visit, but not a place for a middle income family. Services and food are very expensive. Undeveloped land is incredibly expensive. A mobile home and a lot can cost you well over a hundred thousand. If you're well off it is a beautiful place to live. A great place for the wealthy among Read More

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902 W Flushing Quail Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

212 S Taber St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1129 Stockmens Rd
Bed 8 | Bath 7

1155 S Minstrel Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2309 Forest Service Rd # 736
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1177 N Brooke Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1219 S Minstrel Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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