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Overrated - 6/18/2020
This is the worst place I've ever lived and I've lived in hundreds of places. The weather is horrible. One day it's hot the next day it's cold. You can't even keep your hat on straight because of the breezes from the ocean. There are bugs everywhere. People are hateful and intolerant and racist everyday. If you need someone to help you instead of helping they will spit in your face and kick you. Stores are horrible. They hardly ever have sales. There's basically no parking anywhere. The police will harass you the moment you step outside your house and follow you everywhere you go. They will arrest you and spit on you if you even look at them. The schools are horrible and the kids are violent and illiterate. If you even drive past a school, you will either get carjacked murdered or raped every time. If you come from somewhere else they will never accept you as one of their own. They will look down on you ignore you and then spit on you. There are no jobs unless you want to work at fast Read More

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We're Never Leaving - 5/16/2020
We have lived here for 13 years and raised 3 kids in a great family-friendly area. Great weather, no crime, beautiful beaches, and lagoon, not densely populated. Along with almost all of San Diego coastal county, it is awesome! You would have to be wealthy enough to live in S.D. county coastal places like Del Mar, Solana, or La Jolla, to find something better than Read More

Carlsbad Rocks - 4/19/2020
We have been in Carlsbad for three years, and we could not be happier with our choice. The weather is perfect--all year. In the LaCosta area where we live there is a daily fresh sea breeze. The air is pristine: aqi is often below 10. Everything is very green, and Carlsbad has done an outstanding job of preserving ecologically sensitive areas. The Batiquitos lagoon is a treasure, teeming with wildlife. The schools are among the best in the country. The historic Carlsbad Village has been beautifully restored and offers a lively arts scene. The white, sandy beaches are, of course, world class. The economy is soaring, and Carlsbad is host to a variety of biotech firms. We are close enough to San Diego to enjoy all the big city benefits while, at the same time, living in a clean, quiet, and safe environment. The only downside that I can think of is the cost of housing--the downside of so many people wanting to live here. (a question for those complaining about the drivers: Read More

The City of Angry Drivers - 5/17/2018
Carlsbad is a horrible city. It really epitomizes the worst of Kalifornia. Superficial, rude people, traffic is horrific. Angry White drivers with road rage everywhere 24 / 7. Carlsbad really sucks there is no redeeming quality. There is no character to the city. C or D beaches compared to Orange County or LA. Other than that, miles and miles of strip malls and industrial business parks filled with angry, rude, drivers going and leaving 24/7. That's Read More

Talk about unfriendly - 2/25/2018
The people here make Los Angeles look like the friendliest place on earth! That is nearly impossible. Go to the gym and they don’t even say hello when you come in. Or won’t even shake your hand after Sunday mass. I live here but not for long. A year is about all my wife and I can stand. Everyone looks away when they walk past you. And I mean all! And no I do not have leprosy! And lack of common sense! Will drive you crazy if you are well educated. Beaches are Read More

Carlsbad, CA - 5/22/2015
Can't beat Carlsbad, Ca for the Read More

Best year-round weather - 12/30/2014
Carlsbad, CA has the best year-round climate, but is a very expensive place to Read More

A Slice of Heaven - 12/21/2011
We live right across the street from Tamarack State Beach. I walk along the ocean every morning. In the evening, my husband and I walk into Carlsbad Village as we catch another magnificant sunset and go for a cup of coffee and we listen to the live music coming from the Coyote Cantina. This is an incredible place to raise a family. We do not need air conditioning, and we rarely need to turn on the heat.

With the real estate market on the decline and the incredible historically low interest rates, you can own a home in some neighborhoods cheaper than you can rent. Now is the time to pick-up prime resort real estate that you will cherish the rest of your life.

Carlsbad Premium Outlets are ten minutes from our house. La Costa Spa and Resort has been voted as having the number one spa in the country on it's 400 acre property.

This city also boasts the most frequented single runway airport in the nation, making travel more Read More

Carlsbad by the Sea - 8/4/2011
Carlsbad is a true 'best place' with an excellent quality of life. Climate is exceptional probally leading to high cost of living as a downside. Close to San Diego but not too close. Close to the mountains, desert, beach and even a foreign Read More

CA folks - 5/15/2011
CA folks trying to beat the path clean of new people. look if you want to prove you are acting like DBags then mission accomplish. I knows its difficult to be nice and get over the cheese moving around, but if you don't like it why don't you move Read More
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2859 Rancho Diamonte
Bed 5 | Bath 5

3878 Garfield St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

7128 Almaden Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 4

6486 Torreyanna Cir
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

7039 Whitewater St
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

6747 Barberry Pl
Bed 8 | Bath 4

7057 Heron Cir
Bed 5 | Bath 5


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