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Clearlake is California's hidden gem. - 12/12/2018
I just recently moved here to clearlake park Ca, and I think its gorgeous. The Bird watching is phenomenal. There are thousands of Pelicans and Bald eagles, blue herring, all kinds of wild life. Gorgeous views just about everywhere you turn. I came from the Bay Area, Vallejo specifically and I moved in with my grandfather to help him with his day to day. There aren't many stores, so life is a little slower paced here but i like that. People are friendly every where you go I don't see meth labs on every corner. But I don't go looking for them either. I would definitely recommend coming to clearlake. So Read More
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My experience was mixed - 6/21/2010
Look, I agree with many posters here who say Clearlake is beautiful, the way of life is slower paced and relaxed, and the air quality is good. For 2008-09 I lived and worked there, enjoying all of that. However, there's some truth to the 'ugly' rumors and there are reasons they persist. Clearlake has a larger percentage of drug users than even I am used to seeing. I see a lot due to my profession, and was astounded at the percentage of users and addicts for such a small town. The rumors of meth use are overstated. It seems to have been replaced with prescription drug abuse (e.g. OxyContin), which was sadly seen in too many folks while I was there. Upon move in, I also noticed our BBQ grill was chained to the porch of our rental home. The owner replied that the prior had been stolen. I have never lived somewhere where I had to chain my grill to my home. We also had a 'smash and grab' incident with our car while enjoying the lovely Anderson Marsh--we were walking through it Read More

Dear Mr. "look but don't touch" - 6/28/2009
You just made yourself sound like an arrogant fool. Poverty and ignorance do not necessarily go hand in hand. Just because they embrace a simple lifestyle and you have obvious trouble comprehending that, does not mean they are losers. As for Walmart taking over...that would be thanks to people from your element taking, taking, taking from the poor. Oh and by the way, if you're going to refer to a people's low mentality, you might check your grammar and spelling.For example: "serious" should be seriously, and "down town" is a compound word. You can keep your brainwashing business, arts, and public Read More

Looking to Relocate - 6/22/2009
Okay..I have spent several days on the internet researching places to relocate. I remember a few years back - meeting this woman from Clearlake.
She spoke about how beautiful and laid back it was. Away from the attitudes
of the big cities. Don't get me wrong..I love San Diego weather and beaches...however, my health dictates I need to be in a "slower stream" for the time being. I have read several bad things lately..and a positive from Alex. Can anyone shed any light on the subject for me please? I cannot have expensive rent. (so for those of you simply complaining about the poor...shame on you. I may not have alot of money..but damn and mine are very clean folks. Just because you are poor, doesn't mean you are dirty!)
Now..if anyone can pass on some useful would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to relocate asap. Read More

Beautiful Clearlake - 5/4/2009
im a student. i've been living in clearlake for nearly 5 years, i have swam in the lake every year, almost 3 weeks a year, and i have never gotten a rash, i haven't ever seen anyone doing meth and i have never seen pot on a corner. I know we have people who smoke it but doesn't ever city. They may have tooken away some money from our school but i dont think that we are less intelligent than anyone else. I'm taking classes that my friend who lives in a big city isn't even taking, so i'd say that we don't need that money. We have the best air there is in California. If you come here you see the beautiful scenes, the nice, caring people. We may be poor but we are a family. We are nice. If you want a happy, nice, beautiful place you will come to Read More

Clearlake, California SperlingViews - 11/17/2008
as a reply: Hi my name is Danny I have lived in Clearlake since 1983, I Thank you personally for writting this artical. It help keeps people like you out of our little paradise.I have been swimming in this so called rash infested lake since 1966. Have known countless people that have been in the lake and never herd of this so called rash. Yes things are a little slow compared to your area we have now 4 stop lights in Clearlake and going on 5. We have several new bussinesses going in. Carls Jr. A new rite aid . A new Kelseyville Lumber store in Kelseyvill and a lot more. Here Like any other City has its problems and Yes just like your town we have some People that don’t live in nice houses and don’t drive nice cars and are not as clean as you would expect them to be. That does not mean these places are meth labs. I personally have not seen any meth labs I would not know what one looks like. As far as a pot shop on every corner. In the town of Clearlake I think there is 3. I Read More

Look but don't touch! - 6/21/2008
It's gorgeous around here... but the lake and it's fish are full of mercury. I work in a place where I often see or hear of people who swam in the lake and got a rash. One third of this town lives at or below the poverty level, and the mentality shows it. I think they ate too many fish!!
Serious, this place is a freak show. Not to mention that there's a pot shop on every corner. The down town is ugly, nothing quaint about it at all. Wal-Mart came and bankrupted about 70 local businesses. In the neighborhoods, you can buy a gorgeous $200,000 home, dirt cheap for CA, but -- it'll probably be next door to a meth trailer, and the road won't even be paved. They recently cut education budgets, which is the LAST thing this area needs!! There is a slow clean up and red tagging of eyesore trailers going on by the county to bring homes up to code. There could really be lots of potential here if you're willing to hang out for 10 years and help make things advance, bring in good Read More

A great place to visit and fish but not to live in - 3/7/2007
I lived in Clearlake for about two months. It's a great place to go fishing and the people are very nice. There is a big sense of community there. It is also quite beautiful when it is not raining. My only gripes are that it rained everyday while I was there. The closest big city was about an hour drive but this not due to distance but due to the winding roads. It was also so isolating and boring that after a month me and my wife couldn't wait to Read More

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6212 Lakeside Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

15134 Polk Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3617 Ciwa St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

14925 Highlands Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3613 Halika St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

14225 Uhl Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

15247 Harbor Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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