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Compton Is A Hidden Treasure - 11/20/2019
I visit Compton each Summer. This is one of the most welcoming and spectacular cities to work. live and raise a family in. The educational system is superior to most, teach our children ethics and core values and proper fundamentals for a lifetime of success. Crime is nearly non-existent here, day and night. There isn't one part of town I wouldn't invite my children to. It's a California paradise. Streets lined with colorful and fragrant flowers tended to by the city, roadside bistros, snack bars, and an array of various fresh culturally diverse cuisines to meet any a gastronomer desire. Live music in blues, jazz, western and soul fills the air around every corner. Music artists may be heard at indoor and outdoor venues, and many are free and come as you are. Dancing of every kind may be found in a variety of clubs throughout town. Old, doesn't matter. The kind and neighborly folks that occupy this town are like an enormous family, coexisting in near complete harmony. I'm Read More

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compton - 10/14/2015
looking for a good neighborhood to live in Read More

Are you kidding! Beautiful Suburb! - 7/15/2007
What was the last writer thinking! Must have been locked up too long, or hasn't been around much. Probably lived in Compton or LA County his whole life. Compton is just like they portray in movies. It is a very dangerous, high crime area. My husband is from compton and his mom still lives there. I am from Long Beach (30 years), which is a bit better than compton, but it is getting close to becoming like it. I can still remember the gun shots ringing out on my first new years eve there at her house! Even now during the day sometimes you can see prostitutes selling their bodies right across the street, yes in daylight! It is not a beautiful city at all, half of the city is run down, with gangs and prostitutes, and illegal immigrants. Some of the buildings from the LA riots are still like they were back then, burnt and run down. The city officials are corrupt, not to mention about 80 percent of the community is on Read More

Back in the Day - 4/21/2007
As a youth, I experienced Compton in a whole different light than the people currently living there. Compton was essentially a middle class black city. Each household had two parents and definitely the father worked and in most instances so did the mother. Most importantly, there were jobs in the community or adjoining communities to support families. It’s been twenty-four years since I’ve been there but just from reading and watching TV and the movies it would appear that Compton has indeed changed. In my day, we had parks that functioned as places for every one to gather. The park officials would play movies on Sunday afternoons. We could play games like caroms, checkers, and chess and just have interaction with each other. Things really have Read More

Quality of Life Variables in Compton and Southern - 9/3/2006
The new population stat are 98,000+ The city is about 7 square miles that's about 14,000 people per sq. mile. The counyt of Los Angeles is 547 sq miles with 10,000,000 about 22,00 people per sq. mile. Though Compton is the Hub City, with the continued population expansion, it is more and more difficult to get from point "A" to point "B". Asthma and other respiratory conditions are skyrocketing. Both the county of L. A. and Compton have high welfare rates (TANEF(CalWorks), Food Stamps, SSI/SSP, Medicaid (Medi-Cal), Housing and other subsidies. We have a large population of immigrant poor and many of the cities are labeled themselves "Sanctuary Cities." The noise level is high that in Southern California ( the seven counties surrouding Los Angeles) car sound systems can and do cause furniture on second floor of office buildings to vibrate. Rush hour is Read More

Beautiful Suburb, full of opportunity! - 8/11/2006
Compton is a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles. An abundent amount of real live movie clips, swap meets and bazaars, and entertainment venues. A lot of young people and middle aged people are already retired in this city. It practices diversity, and preaches integration. Casing point. I did 12 years in Pelican Bay. After my release, I now call Compton home. There is a reason why rappers (RIP: 2 Pac, Eazy E, Biggie Smalls, etc) call this place home.It gives you an opportunity to improve your lifestyle, even with a criminal record. I think the motto for the city is "The longer your rap sheet, the better your future in Compton". Unfortunatly, if your not in a gang you won't progress to much here, so you might want to try Riverside. Well, I need to get going, or they will revoke my parole. Besides, my 30 minute time on this libray computer is up! God bless Read More

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90221 90220

1114 E Glencoe St
Bed 1 | Bath 1

1035 E Stockton Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1616 W 156th St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

414 N Wilmington Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

715 E Elm St
Bed 2 | Bath 3

2117 W Corydon St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1324 E Crane Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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