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Are you kidding! Beautiful Suburb!
Star Rating - 7/15/2007
What was the last writer thinking! Must have been locked up too long, or hasn't been around much. Probably lived in Compton or LA County his whole life. Compton is just like they portray in movies. It is a very dangerous, high crime area. My husband is from compton and his mom still lives there. I am from Long Beach (30 years), which is a bit better than compton, but it is getting close to becoming like it. I can still remember the gun shots ringing out on my first new years eve there at her house! Even now during the day sometimes you can see prostitutes selling their bodies right across the street, yes in daylight! It is not a beautiful city at all, half of the city is run down, with gangs and prostitutes, and illegal immigrants. Some of the buildings from the LA riots are still like they were back then, burnt and run down. The city officials are corrupt, not to mention about 80 percent of the community is on Welfare.
Ruthi | Long Beach, CA
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Compton Is A Hidden Treasure
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looking for a good neighborhood to live in Compton...
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Beautiful Suburb, full of opportunity!
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