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Tri-Valley living is the best! - 11/17/2019
I’ve lived here for a year now and moved here from the Tri-Cities. Imagine going to the bank, grocery shopping and out to eat with little to no lines/wait... that’s is Tri-Valley living. Read More

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Perfect ... if ONLY..... - 6/2/2015
Here is a review of the entire Bay Area and breakin git down, and how Dublin/Pleasanton fits into that and why it is the best all-around choice for value, flexibility, weather, safety, education, etc.

The Bay Area is a wonderful and excellent place for anythnig you can imagine (as long as you are not a staunch conservatives... but we have those here too). The 2 things that make any Bay Area resident consider leaving this area multiple times while they are here are:

1. The Cost of Living is impossible here. Unless you are well into the 6-figured income, you'll always be playing catch-up, saving at every corner just to make ends meet, etc.

2. The traffic/commute situation is horrendous 24/7. Our Sunday off-traffic is probably worse then prime-time commute hours anywhere besudes say.. NYC. And that's with one of the most comprehensive mass transit systems in the country (not only a subway/monorail (BART), but also a city-wide Bus/Light Rail Read More

Hard to find reasonable properties without breakin - 6/9/2009
Very hard to find reasonably priced detached single family (2 level) homes in Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon. In my opinion too much of the available housing have HOA's attached to them, making it more expensive still!
Some of the HOA's are a little more worth-while though, offering decent facilities like Swimming Pools and Gym's. Guess it all depends on your budget and what you're looking for.

If you want a Townhouse or Condo then this is the place for you, as they are being built at an alarming rate. If you have kids and want a garden, then you might struggle unless you want a Ranch style property, or you have deep pockets.

Schools in Dublin are apparently very good and the Recreation facilities here are great. Read More

A burgeoning community - 8/3/2008
Dublin is city in the "tri-valley area" of Northern California (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore) across the bay from San Francisco. It's a developing city, with a lot construction, residential and commercial, taking place on the eastern periphery, where there is an abundance of flat, rolling countryside that is home to deer, coyote and jack rabbit.

The winter weather is typical of Northern California, with the temperature rarely dropping below freezing. However, it is quite warm here in the summer with the mean temperature in July around 90, often getting into the high 90's. Two years ago, the temperature rose to 114, probably a record, but the heat is offset by a strong westerly wind, which makes it very pleasant when the temperature is around 80, which it often is. The cost of living is quite high, however, as it is in most parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. We get virtually no rain during the summer and fall, but it does rain a fair amount in the winter and Read More

Dublin - a great place - 6/7/2007
Dublin is a great place to raise a family, although the housing is expensive.
Great library, lots of parks and Read More

About Dublin - 5/18/2007
I have lived in Dublin For 17.9 years of my life and im 18 so ... nothing ever happens here oh wait there was A kidnapping about 12 years ago and there is a giant drug problem about 98% of dublin does drugs and drinks so yea i mean its not really a place you would want to start a family and raise your kids here theres nothing to do at all!!!!!!!! theres a mall in pleasenton but thats not in dublin ... so yea its really lame to be in Read More

Expensive, but a great place to live - 7/5/2006
Now that I'm staying home with our baby, we are moving so that we can buy a house. The housing costs are outrageous here. I would have to go back to work, and even then we could only buy a townhouse here. Other than that, it's a great place to Read More

Dublin Ca - 8/12/2005
Dublin, California is a nice, quiet little town in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is growing at an amazing pace, with real estate prices sky rocketing. It is a great area to raise kids, with many nice parks and close to zoos and nature Read More

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