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Hard to find reasonable properties without breakin
Star Rating - 6/9/2009
Very hard to find reasonably priced detached single family (2 level) homes in Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon. In my opinion too much of the available housing have HOA's attached to them, making it more expensive still!
Some of the HOA's are a little more worth-while though, offering decent facilities like Swimming Pools and Gym's. Guess it all depends on your budget and what you're looking for.

If you want a Townhouse or Condo then this is the place for you, as they are being built at an alarming rate. If you have kids and want a garden, then you might struggle unless you want a Ranch style property, or you have deep pockets.

Schools in Dublin are apparently very good and the Recreation facilities here are great.

PygmyJoe | Dublin, CA
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