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Hesperia, California Reviews

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Peace and quiet - 2/22/2017
I love Hesperia is very peaceful I move to Hesperia because I was tired of the city traffic, noise and just the running around and having no time for anything. If you want some peace and quiet this will be the place to be. Read More

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Better be healty if you want to live here! Emergen - 4/20/2011
I've lived in Hesperia for 1 year and moved from Riverside (down the hill). Big mistake. Since then, I've needed emergency services at the hospital. My health insurance is with Kaiser Permanente. Their nearest hospital is 40 miles away so they refer their high desert Kaiser patients to St. Mary's Hospital in Apple Valley. When I arrived at the hospital with grangrene of the gallbladder, I was told that the wait in emergency was 6 to 8 hours, standing room only. I think a person could die before they get help in the high desert. Another friend went to St. Mary's Hosptial in Apple Valley having suffered a heart attack. She spent 3 days in the ER without getting a hospital room before they finally transferred her to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Fontana. If you value your health, don't move here. You just might Read More

Climate - 12/8/2007
North of the San Bernardino mountains. Elevation around 3500 feet. Nice long hot summers, nothing a swamp cooler couldn't cure. Winters are pretty mild, but it can be very windy every once and awhile. Snow comes once in a great Read More

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