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Star Rating - 12/8/2007
North of the San Bernardino mountains. Elevation around 3500 feet. Nice long hot summers, nothing a swamp cooler couldn't cure. Winters are pretty mild, but it can be very windy every once and awhile. Snow comes once in a great while.
Norma | Hesperia, CA
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- 2/22/2017
Peace and quiet
I love Hesperia is very peaceful I move to Hesperia because I was tired of the city traffi...
Karen | Hesperia, CA | No Replies

- 4/20/2011
Better be healty if you want to live here! Emergen
I've lived in Hesperia for 1 year and moved from Riverside (down the hill). Big mistake. ...
Bp | Hesperia, CA | 2 Replies

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