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Huntington Beach, CA is renowned for its miles of golden beaches and its vibrant surf culture. From early morning surfing to late evening beach volleyball games, the city is filled with activities for beachgoers of all ages. Huntington Beach is also known as \"Surf City\" due to its popularity among surfers from around the world. The city's pier is a popular destination, offering restaurants, shops, and entertainment year-round. Other popular attractions include the Huntington Beach Central Park, Newport Pier, and Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Visitors can also explore the vibrant downtown area that features an array of restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops. Residents and visitors alike love Huntington Beach for its laid-back atmosphere and wide range of activities. Reviews of Huntington Beach generally highlight how much there is to do in this vibrant beach town and just how beautiful the coastline views are. People often rave about how friendly the people are in this city along with the variety of dining options available in downtown. Reviews also state that Huntington Beach offers a laid-back yet lively atmosphere that makes it a great place to visit or live in.

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Clean fun vibe but expensive - 4/13/2019
Lived here for a couple months now. Love the beach and the weather. Nice boardwalk to walk or ride your bike. Overall nice clean feel and vibe.

Only move here if you have a great income. Median home price is 812k. We rent a small 2 bedroom condo for 2500 a month. Would love to buy, but hoping for crash in the real estate market. Property taxes and all tax in CA is too high. Thank liberals for that. Read More

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Overpriced Dingy City - 5/26/2018
Overdevelopment has ruined the city, Housing is overpriced - overseas investors, corporate housing, sober living houses (there are many throughout the city) and AirB&B have erased the neighborhood feel. The beach is dirty and gets dirtier with all the major beach events. Offshore drilling platforms pollute the beaches and every few days the gases released by the oil platforms creates an awful smell. In the last 2 years, air jet traffic has increased as neighboring City of Newport Beach won a lawsuit diverting air traffic from their city. People who invest here tend to overlook these problems and say we live in paradise because they do not want to decrease their property value. Laguna Beach is a better coastal Read More

Population incorrect - 11/12/2015
The population of Huntington Beach is much more than that. It was actually 199,189 according to the city's Read More

A great place to live - 2/28/2014
Huntington Beach is one of the more relaxed beach communites. It's close proximity to lot of good shopping, schools, and recreation. Read More

Orange County and San Diego - 3/7/2013
What are you going to do for a job? There are already too many servers here, and you will NOT get a job as a bartender unless your best friend owns or runs the place. And don't think "I'll just move to San Diego then." Seriously, good luck with that also. The CA job market is "Locals Only" and they will cast your resume into the trash if you live an hour away (no joke.)

RENT PRICES: Rent here is excruciating - figure $1200-$1700 for a one-bedroom apartment, and don't believe the rents you see on Craigslist. Also, you are not going to live in a nearby community such as Westminster or Garden Grove, trust me. Most people that visit Disneyland think they are coming to "The OC", with it's lush beaches and beautiful people . . . well, at least the beaches part is true. They should start a show called "The Medicated Housewives of OC", or better yet: "Every Woman has plastic surgery and is on medication", but back Read More

No better place in the country to live - 2/25/2013
Although I hate to boast to much about this beloved city I live in, because we don't need anymore people here!
This is an absolute wonderful place to live and raise kids, I have been here my whole life, although allot has changed here (downtown) HB most of it is a necessary evil. ( because it keeps out the poor riff raft)
it used to be very affordable for young people to move out and live in downtown HB, because all the original homes here had a cottage in the back yard that the home owners would rent out for a affordable price. unfortunately most of these homes have been bought up by developers where the lots were split and they stack two three story homes on the lot and sell them for a ridiculous price. which has resulted into a bit of a change in culture to the neighborhood. I think most of the people that buy these homes cant quite afford to live in Newport Beach, so the buy here and try to bring that stupid stuffy attitude here. The good thing is that they spend Read More

huntington beach - 12/17/2012
laid back beach town with great weather, but expensive real estate Read More

Great place to live - 9/14/2012
Huntington Beach is a wonderful place to live, however it is very Read More

Climate - 8/18/2012
Living 1.5 miles from the beach gives a very moderate temperature of 75 - 85 degrees during the summer months and winter temperatures from 45 - 60 degrees. You can be subjected to a lot of early morning sea mist which can take to midday to burn off. Moving 3 miles inland and the temperature will increase by 10 - 15 degrees moving you out of that comfort Read More

Climate - 12/30/2011
Can't beat the weather Read More

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