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Overpriced Dingy City
Star Rating - 5/26/2018
Overdevelopment has ruined the city, Housing is overpriced - overseas investors, corporate housing, sober living houses (there are many throughout the city) and AirB&B have erased the neighborhood feel. The beach is dirty and gets dirtier with all the major beach events. Offshore drilling platforms pollute the beaches and every few days the gases released by the oil platforms creates an awful smell. In the last 2 years, air jet traffic has increased as neighboring City of Newport Beach won a lawsuit diverting air traffic from their city. People who invest here tend to overlook these problems and say we live in paradise because they do not want to decrease their property value. Laguna Beach is a better coastal town.
Brenda | Huntington Beach, CA
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The whole state is a cesspool. Arguing about what's better Laguna or Huntington is like two homeless guys are doing about who has the dirtier pair of underwear. Lived on and off and that place LA all the way down to Laguna for 25 years on and off. For anyone visiting that is trying to figure out how can some old shack 90 years old termite written shack that sell in Ohio for $32,000 is over $1 million. You got me. I'm an educated guy but I can't figure it out never could. It can't be deal more of Southern California because it has nothing going for it. Features are prettier in Florida and the mountains are more handsome in New Hampshire. At some oddball thing going on with overseas investors and air B&B purchasers. I think the Chinese are buying up tens of thousands of properties in California as part of some real estate investment trust. Never to live in what sort of like a stock that they make a dividend off of and a certain percentage of return based on rental income. It's hard to say but no normal right thinking person would ever buy property anywhere Southern California I have never seen dirtier uglier homes with more poor infrastructure, a more sorry lack of community and this multiethnic multicultural hodgepodge of 150 ethnic groups all self segregating and like squirrels fighting for the same nut. I got there in the 80s and it was bad then but I'd say it's 10 times worse now in every way that a place can be worse. I would say that every single place in the United States is better than living in Southern California. I've lived on and off in 40 different states and I would choose living outside of the Ohio on a 1 acre farm over one of these dilapidated old slumlord apartment complexes where one-bedroom units sell for over $600,000 any day. I hate that place I really do.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse
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