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Best place to raise a family (live/work) - 5/28/2020
I wouldn't live elsewhere. I originally moved to Irvine in 2002 from the Midwest, not knowing what it even was. I left and moved around a great deal locally in OC, IE/LA, and lived mainly in OC Cities. I moved back to Irvine in 2012, and ultimately bought a house here.

It might not be glitz and glam or have a wild nightlife. But what it is, is diverse, safe, convenient, and clean. I've lived in so many places in my life that I chose Irvine to settle down in and raise a family. The amount of parks, activities, and the location (so many businesses here and the Airport) it is an ideal place to live and work. There are just so many positives to list, but I feel it has everything.

The racial markup of the city is diverse it is 40% white / 40% Asian / 20% other. The biggest downside is the cost of living; most of the apartments are owned by the Irvine Company and SUPER expensive. Almost all areas/homes pay a HOA or Mello Roos tax. Read More

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It was a safe/affluent/good place, and still is - 4/17/2019
I've lived in Irvine since 2007. To be completely honest, Irvine is basically Asian central. Tons of Asians, that's definitely true. Recently, we've been having crime leaking over from Santa Ana, but I've yet to really see any terrible crimes redundantly occurring. All in all, Irvine is basically a bubble; the city is still really safe, people here are affluent, and people here also are affluent/safe to a point where they aren't really aware of what goes on outside. The schools here are great and prestigious too, teachers are really nice, schools are really well funded, and students learn a lot which also naturally makes the school environment here more competitive here. Don't listen to the people commenting and saying "too many Asians", "unsafe, not the same 50 years ago", or in general making very xenophobic, anti-immigrant comments; most of them are exaggerated beyond belief, with only a grain of truth. Do be aware though, drivers here are pretty bad.

*quick fact Read More

Great place to live in S. CA - 12/2/2017
Local farmer's markets, easy access to beaches, plenty of events, top rated schools and universities located nearby make this a great place to live for young and old alike.
Convenient to freeways and John Wayne International airport, there are many top hotels and attractions in this area.
There are a lot of undeveloped open spaces as well as hiking, biking, and parks for the outdoorsy types/families.
It's fun to see the fireworks from Knott's Berry Farm along with the stars in the sky each night!
There is a strong sense of community among residents here.
We have been fortunate to have met many kind and wonderful international friends as well as many happy long time Irvine residents.
Would highly recommend Irvine as a place to live or to visit. There is truly something here for everyone.
Housing costs are expensive
Endless Read More

The Melted Pot? - 9/9/2017
Full of angry, old, middle age, white people and slowly being taken over by rich Asians. Also crime is increasing due to the poor Black and Mexican gangbangers and criminals who drive up from Compton and try to break into peoples house and steal packages off their porches. Used to be a kind of nice place to live - fifty years ago. Then again, that's all of California for you. That's basically Read More

Done after 10 + years - 11/6/2016
Thank you baby Jesus for the housing market stabilizing! I'm sure Irvine was a great city 10-30 years ago. I can only imagine what it was like before the multi cultural burst that seems never ending. Don't get me wrong, I went to UCI so I am very familiar with the multi cultural dynamic of the city, but this place is just out of control. Anyone look at airbnb lately for Irvine? I feel like I'm literally living in a motel like environment with all the listings for Irvine on airbnb. Supposedly city council is going to make a decision about it but look at what they did with the political signs. They adopted a new rule/regulation and yet the streets are covered with signage. I had family visit us from out of town and they even commented "what is going on with all the political signs"? Such a waste of money, paper, and resources.

Driving here; make sure you drive below the speed limit because it isn't safe to walk or drive with the lack of driver skill in this Read More

So Cal- LA & the OC from a real native years born - 1/30/2016
Beaches & Sun - YES - But that is not all- Traffic no matter where you are going, if not between 10am and 2pm then after 9pm, do not leave your house. Example: Irvine to LAX in the morning is less that 35 miles and will take you from 1.5 to 2 hours. If raising a family you will need to live in the South Bay (Manhattan Beach) or Newport Beach in the OC or Santa Barbara for a good clean quality of life, and before you head there know you should be making a combined income of $500,000.00 or more. Highest sales tax LA/OC combined in the US, and crime is on the rise in all of SoCal. Bottom line is that if your quality of life is more important than beaches and sun year round don't move... Life is more than beaches and sun- 30 years ago i might of had a different view. 50 years ago a very different view. Read More

Great was....and might be again - 8/30/2015
Southern California has been a great place. Lots to do, great weather.  Read More

Irvine CA - 8/21/2015
I'm moving. 10 years and I'm done. Too many Asians and Middle Eastern's.  Read More

Big changes, and not for the better - 7/25/2015
The Irvine City Council and the county government go ahead and slightly approve more and more new housing. It is very dense housing. This is in spite of the current drought (and probable more of same in the future), the negative impact on traffic, other resources and is producing a general decline in the quality of life. It's a shame.
The older residential areas have well-built and designed homes and neighborhood amenities, but the demand is pricing them too high for the majority of buyers. There is great competition from affluent immigrant families seeking the excellent schools for their children,
Others driving the market are overseas investors seeking to buy larger homes and convert them into boarding houses for overseas community college and university students. Neighborhood Home Owners' Associations (who are so picky about house colors, maintaining greenery, etc., seem impotent to do anything about this assault on the single-family neighborhoods who are now Read More

Too many apartments in Irvine now! - 6/20/2014
When I first moved to Irvine in 1996 I loved it! Many wide open spaces, greenery & a good balance of SFR's, Condo/town homes & apartments. During the boom from 2000-2006 we decided to buy in Aliso Viejo because we could get more bang for the buck & still be relatively close to Irvine & all the freeways.

Since the financial collapse of 2007-2008 we sold our condo & are now renting an SFR back in Irvine to be closer to work & wait for a good time to buy again. However, many cities & I guess Irvine is no exception had to generate revenue & I guess that means building more apartment complexes. I don't mind this when they're the 2 story 4 unit types & the whole complex is between 100-250 units total but these greedy builders are now building these 5-6 story mega urban style apartments cramming 400-600 units in every vacant land they can find. That's placing way too much stress & demand on this city to accommodate these new tenants. Now they're going cram another 2000 + units Read More

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