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It was a safe/affluent/good place, and still is
Star Rating - 4/17/2019
I've lived in Irvine since 2007. To be completely honest, Irvine is basically Asian central. Tons of Asians, that's definitely true. Recently, we've been having crime leaking over from Santa Ana, but I've yet to really see any terrible crimes redundantly occurring. All in all, Irvine is basically a bubble; the city is still really safe, people here are affluent, and people here also are affluent/safe to a point where they aren't really aware of what goes on outside. The schools here are great and prestigious too, teachers are really nice, schools are really well funded, and students learn a lot which also naturally makes the school environment here more competitive here. Don't listen to the people commenting and saying "too many Asians", "unsafe, not the same 50 years ago", or in general making very xenophobic, anti-immigrant comments; most of them are exaggerated beyond belief, with only a grain of truth. Do be aware though, drivers here are pretty bad.

*quick fact check: Irvine didn't exist 50 years ago, it was incorporated in December 28th, 1971*
Kevin | Irvine, CA
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Crime is unique to each respective city; please don't associate your crime with another city such as nearby cities -- tustin, santa ana, etc.
rick | Berkeley, CA | Report Abuse

Irvine was here beyond 50 years ago, it was just unincorporated.
Dan | Irvine, CA | Report Abuse

Irvine was here 50 years ago, it was just incorporated in 1971. Unincorporated Irvine existed well before this time.
Dan | Irvine, CA | Report Abuse
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