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Great place to live if you can afford it - 4/14/2020
As a retired senior who has lived in Lake Forest (formerly El Toro) since 1977 I think LF is a great place if you can afford it. When we moved here in June '77 homes were selling in the mid to upper five digits, $60 - 100k. May sound low today but a good salary back then was in the $15k - 25k range so relatively speaking houses were expensive but not as much as today. The Saddleback school district was fine back then and still is. Our two daughters went to local public schools and did fine, both going thru the Calif. public system thru grad school. Back then minorities, we're Asian, were a very small percentage but has now grown to a larger pct over all in all ethnicities. We have had no discrimination. Our multiple next door neighbors have been nice and friendly but not real close. Our circle of 12 -15 seniors encompass five ethnic groups and both political parties, we get along just great at our weekly get-togethers.

The restaurant scene is very varied and just Read More

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Lake Forest is a great place to live ACTUALLY - 1/13/2020
I’ve lived here for 2 years. Ok, it’s more like a 4 but there are so many idiots downplaying what it’s like here and giving Lake Forest ones and twos. There are a lot of good places to eat here and in the surrounding areas and there are a lot of great surrounding areas seeing as we are right in the heart of Orange County.

The home prices are lower than surrounding areas as well. I’ve met many nice families that live here in the last two years. There are also a lot of great parks and playgrounds for our small kids to play and here. There also seem to be a lot of younger families moving in the area which is what we were hoping for. This is what we Read More

Dreary - 2/5/2019
I've lived here for 5 and a half years and it's the worst. There's no way to describe the inherent awful nature of Lake Forest without sounding like I'm exaggerating. The whole town is ripe with hatred of each other and indifference to our neighbors, even the weather which can hit 100 degrees in the summer cannot save us. If you want to have any fun at all you have to leave the city - as someone without a car, this makes every trip a 4 hours round trip time cost. Everyone has a sense of dreary pessimism and there's no escaping it without leaving. Do not move Read More

Lake Forest BOOOOOOOO - 10/16/2010
As the subject line states above, this is a fact. Lake Forest, CA sucks. As a young Black male who's been living here (without my consent) for the last off and on 9 years, I can say Lake Forest is without a shadow of the doubt the worst place you could live in Orange County! The people who live in this area are the rudest, most unfriendly, most hateful, most racist, obnoxious, stupid, downright mean-spirited human beings you could ever meet. It's a predominantly white neighborhood and it's "funny" to me that these Caucasians talk so much s*** about how "Godly" they are and if you go on Myspace, almost every single white male and female will have Christian-Other on their facebook page. It's ironic that in real life these people are the MOST UNFRIENDLY people who could ever meet. The White Men and White Women who live in Orange County are NOT True Christians. Almost every white male and white female to a certain degree is a fake Christian.
Living here in this environment, you will Read More

Saddleback Church - 9/12/2010
This church is huge. If you want depth into the christian faith, you won't get it here. It is a "seeker" church. It caters to surface depth christianity. You won't get in-depth bible studies or in-depth sermons. You'll get life-application sermons that are very general with encouragement for your week ahead. It is for those who know they should go to church, but don't want too much of a commitment to the church or the depth of Christ's teachings. When salvation is presented, repentance may not even be mentioned. They will make comments such as "decide to follow Christ," or "choose to go a new direction." Sin and it's consequences may be mentioned in passing, but man's sinful and fallen nature and the need to repent of that sin and nature and acceptance of responsibility for one's sin with a commitment to turn from that and accept Christ as the only son of God who died for those sins and to take up your cross and follow Christ would be considered too hard-hitting for this Read More

Beautiful.....with a big budget! - 3/2/2010
Love this place to death! Cost of living high, but can't beat the weather for outdoor activities. I like four seasons and for my dollar to go a little further, so we're looking for a new place to live. Anyone coming this way will love every part of it, but the cost. You name it, it's expensive. If you get a break here (e.g. property tax, low vehicle reg costs, etc.) you get killed with property values, gasoline and entertainment costs. Come this way, if you have an income well over the $150k mark and you're set. Come in with less and you're living paycheck to Read More

COSTS, costs, costs... - 7/29/2008
Here in Lake Forest the cost of a gallon of milk is now the same as a gallon of gas...both about $4.50...The cost of living here has continued to rise since I moved here in 1997. The traffic in the city is fine, but if you want to go anywhere else, the cost of gas is a problem now...Housing is horribly expensive, with the madian price around $699,000. about the only really good points about LF is there is very little crime, and we are in SoCal, minutes from just about any recreation you like from ski to surf. Move here only if the costs are NOT an Read More

great weather - 5/11/2008
Lake Forest has a wonderful climate pretty much year Read More

Sunny California - 4/28/2008
I have lived in Sunny California for most of my adult life and love its wonderful climate and the diversity of people and Read More

What a Place - 4/6/2008
It's Orange County CA personified - the best of all. Generally upper-middle class, mild climate (extended June gloom). Good schools that are likely to take a pretty big cut in the next year so we'll see some effect there I'm sure. We have mostly minor crime, few annual "violent" crimes. The city has like many others not taken as active of a role as many think it should in reducing the draw (popularity to) and population of undocumented immigrants. That places additional pressure on available resources especially when times are Read More

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21736 Northwood Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

332 Calle Elegante
Bed 4 | Bath 4

15 Havre Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 3

108 Pinnacle Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 5

2237 Arroyo Viejo Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 5

18 Forster
Bed 4 | Bath 4

2051 Aliso Canyon Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 5


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