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Star Rating - 4/6/2008
It's Orange County CA personified - the best of all. Generally upper-middle class, mild climate (extended June gloom). Good schools that are likely to take a pretty big cut in the next year so we'll see some effect there I'm sure. We have mostly minor crime, few annual "violent" crimes. The city has like many others not taken as active of a role as many think it should in reducing the draw (popularity to) and population of undocumented immigrants. That places additional pressure on available resources especially when times are "lean".
Mark | Lake Forest, CA
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- 2/5/2019
I've lived here for 5 and a half years and it's the worst. There's no way to describe the ...
Jesse | Lake Forest, CA | No Replies

- 10/16/2010
As the subject line states above, this is a fact. Lake Forest, CA sucks. As a young Black ...
Crenshaw | Lake Forest, CA | 1 Reply

- 9/12/2010
Saddleback Church
This church is huge. If you want depth into the christian faith, you won't get it here. ...
Abhd | Aliso Viejo, CA | No Replies

- 3/2/2010
Beautiful.....with a big budget!
Love this place to death! Cost of living high, but can't beat the weather for outdoor acti...
RonnieT | Lake Forest, CA | No Replies

- 7/29/2008
COSTS, costs, costs...
Here in Lake Forest the cost of a gallon of milk is now the same as a gallon of gas...both...
Harry | Lake Forest, CA | No Replies

- 5/11/2008
great weather
Lake Forest has a wonderful climate pretty much year 'round....
Randall | Lake Forest, CA | No Replies

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