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Don't ever move to Lodi! - 7/26/2019
Born at a hospital in Stockton, raised in Lodi for all 18 years of my life. I'm moving to Sacramento in a couple months, because I need to move on and change. Now, when I get asked what city I'm from when I'm traveling, or if I chat online with other people, I just normally say I'm from Stockton because Lodi is so small that most people in SoCal as well as some in Sacramento and definitely from out of state wouldn't know wtf I'm talking about! If people still don't know what I'm talking about when I say Stockton, I give up, because nowhere people almost universally know is anywhere near Lodi. I hate it here, because for one thing, there's pretty much nothing fun to do here, and two, almost everybody's a christian with right wing views (eg. Young earth creationists, republicans, conservative democrats...) I don't have a problem with that). But my problem is that many of them, especially old guys are sort of like on a mission to get everybody to believe in the word of god, and if you Read More

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Lodi CA - 7/22/2014
Great family Read More

Unlike many California Central Valley small towns, Lodi is clean, relatively crime-free, and pleasant. Its downtown has an almost European feel for it and neighborhoods, even the less affluent, are well-preserved. Traffic is minimal and the climate, thanks to gentle off shore breezes drifting in from the Pacific, is much milder and comfortable than, say, that of Modesto, farther down the highways.

Downsides are largely economic. Jobs are few and far between and are low-paid. Coupled with that consideration, the cost of living is around 110% of the national average. My wife and I love Lodi, but, alas, we will be forced to relocate to a much less desirable are of the valley, probably south of Modesto. We will dearly miss Lodi, but we cannot afford to live here in Read More

Is Lodi for you? - 10/27/2012
This town has some of the rudest, clickish, closed minded people I have had the complete displeasure of encountering. As for the family climate if it weren't for the Delta breezes this area would be just like Red Bluff (110 degrees no breeze) Do I need to remind you that Stockton(rated worst crime in nation) is only five miles away and their crime is very well established which is verified by the Lodi News-Sentinel, just read it. Is Lodi better than say Stockton? Yes but not for long. Please think before you comment with a obvious bias. I have lived from coast to coast, in cities from 400,000 plus to 20,000 and unless you make the right connections in Lodi you will always be discluded no matter what your income. That is what you get when you have a dominant ethnic population that starts a city. In this case German, but it doesn't really matter what ethnic group starts it just that it is exclusive and suspicious of others from outside. Read More

Ca needs Ballance - 10/27/2012
California WAS a good place to live up until the early 1980's. When the people wanted more service but did not want to pay for it is the start of the downfall of the state. The divide over water rights will eventually break the state because the population disparity between the northern and southern means the southern portion with the higher tax base will BUY the water with their Read More

No diversity - 11/10/2011
Everyone here is Christian and if you're not they'll make you feel like an Read More

lodi - 4/2/2011
nice place to be from high crime, gangs, young police force don't feel safe, terrible water quality, no Read More

Lodi CA. - Nice place - 3/9/2010
Lodi is a nice small city (approx. 65,000)with a small town atmosphere. Located in the central valley, it is 40 minutes south of Sacramento, an hour east of the S.F. Bay area, and an hour and half to sking in the Tahoe area. Lodi is in wine grape, cherry, strawberry,etc country. There are 12 -15 wineries within ten miuntes of town.

The public schools are good, some better than others, and the plentiful private k-8 schools are very good. Crime is low, community spirit is high, and the surroundings are pleasant.

Having lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Metro Houston, and other places, I would say Lodi and San Diego are my Read More

Shoulda, coulda, woulda... - 12/7/2006
Two years ago, I should've bought my house on other side of the railroad tracks. It would've been worth the extra couple dollars per month. I find problems everywhere in Lodi, but those problems are amplified on the east side, with gangs, meth addicts, abandoned shopping carts, & homelessness.

If I were to buy in Lodi again, I would buy either in downtown, or west of Read More

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95240 95242

937 Sylvia Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2383 Woodlake Cir
Bed 5 | Bath 3

16831 Brandt Rd
Bed 6 | Bath 3

14 S School St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

911 W Tokay St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

2301 Cabrillo Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2535 Candlewood Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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