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Half the price of San Francisco and Silicon Valley
Napa is a very easy place to live, especially for those contemplating retirement. The pace of life is peaceful. The weather is superb -- never miserably cold or hot but varied enough to offer definite seasons. A town of 75000 people, it's easy to become a part of through community activities, clubs, churches, and interest organizations from American Association of University Women to Rotary International. There are several public as well as private golf courses, good fishing, biking and hiking. And much of the Valley's cultural and culinary offerings are located here or in the nearby towns of Sonoma, Yountville and St. Helena. There's always plenty to do and no huge push to do more than you want. It is relatively expensive compared to Midwest housing but inexpensive compared to Northern California's cities and Silicon Valley. So you have to calculate the trade-offs to live here. There will always be people who don't think the sacrifice is worth it, but just as many who think it definitely Napa is a treasure. Only you can decide.



Get out while you can
My family has been here since the late 1800's. Some of the earliest settler's. Raised in Napa I would of never thought that this town would turn in to the "arm pit of the Bay Area". If the don't get you...lack of water will.



Too expensive
Born and raised in Napa Valley unfortunatley will be looking to relocate to a different state/Town soon. Napa valley is getting outrageous with rent prices...not to mention the cost of buying your own home. 1400 a month gets you the smallest 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment, 419,000 buys you the smallest 2 bedroom 1 bath home. Job market is ok but majority of people that work here commute from surrounding cities (which ends up causing traffic congestion in a small town) Crime really isnt that bad here but it seems to happen more frequently then it use to.



Napa, California
Napa is situated in a beautiful little valley world-renowned for it's wine and lifestyle. Napa is located about 50 miles NE of the Golden Gate Bridge across the bay from San Francisco. It is an expensive place to live. Real estate is not quite as bad as San Francisco itself or the Peninsula but an average 4BR 3Bath house will cost you $550K to $750K. The weather is probably close to the best in the country. Mild winters, lows typically in the 30-40's. It may freeze half a dozen times. Summers are pleasant, highs usually in the 70-80's, once in a while in the 90's. If you can stand the traffic, congestion, and idiocy of living in California it's a great place to live. I have been in California more than 40 years and I am ready to leave.



Just Moved Here Four Years Ago
Napa - The Cons:

If you even walked by an alcoholic sitting by the liquor store on the sidewalk and took a whiff of his odors . . .
A few weeks out of the year there is a horrific stench of old wine odor everywhere in the front and back of the house. The winneries polute the beautiful Napa river with sludge. You see dead fish sometimes when kayaking and it even affects the pristine Golf Courses ponds. It turns the beautiful blue waters into brown mud. My child let go some of his tadpoles a month ago only to return a few days later to check on them to see the pure brown colored sludge killing them to his horror.

There is still some racisism still in their restaurants and wine tasting events. The restaurants are basically overpriced especially the Oxbow Market. Even in the MaJong class the teacher allowed a student say racist remarks smiling the whole time.

The weather is incredibly hot especially if you are not use to it. Developing heat rashes yearly warranting physician care showed me how even the doctors are saying there are a lot of patients during the weather change.



Nice place to visit don't want to live h
We moved here 2 years ago and to be honest, it's been a living hell! Yes it's beautiful, yes the weather is nice but NO it is not a good place to relocate to if you are not wealthy or lived here your whole life. People are pretty snobby to 'newcomers' unless you have money. It is soooo expensive and we make a decent living and by decent I mean 150K between the 2 of us. We are barely scraping by and moving back East where you can at least have a hope of owning a home. We both own homes in the Midwest and came here for the weather and culture. HUGE mistake!!! Can't wait for the moving truck to get here so we can have a 'normal' life again. As the saying goes..."It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" unless you are a gizillionaire or can live with your rich uncle!



Napa is heavenly.
I think that it was robert Redford who said that napa is heavenly. So is Sonoma, petaluma, and Windsor, etc. This is the wine country and it also has farms and a river running through it. Yes, napa is expensive, but then so is all of California.The weather is mild and so is the mood. Napa needs more for children, however. It is as though it were designed for seniors who like to drink wine and socialize. A Pixarland theme park would had some vitality to the area.



I grew up in Napa
Napa was once a nice place to live, even though I never liked the weather. You never see the sun before 10 AM in the summer and by 7 PM it's too cold and way too windy to enjoy being outside. It wasn't until I moved away that I found out that I enjoy waking up to a sunny morning, be it in the summer, or winter, the only two seasons most of California has.
Now that I've been away from Napa for a number of years I have also discovered that you can tell someone is from Napa by their attitude. "I've made it to the beautiful Napa Valley. We have to close the gate to keep everyone else out" is a quick synopsis of the Napa attitude. There are an incredible number of businesses that have "Napa Valley" in their name. The general rule is that if it has "Napa Valley" in the name, it's located in Napa. Businesses in the rest of the county tend to avoid the term (except the wineries of course, which can charge more for wine with "Napa Valley" on the label.) I made the mistake of abbreviating the name of a business "NV ---" and was lectured by the owner.
As a native Napan I was forced out by two things. The first is that there are no jobs and everyone has to commute, creating horrendous traffic jams. It took an hour to travel 19 miles. The second is that the spiraling cost of housing would never allow my children to be able to buy a home of their own.
I've never regretted leaving.



To exspensive here!
I was born and raised here in Napa,CA and I it is definetly a beautiful place to live, however the cost of living here is crazy.



Love the community
We moved here 4 years ago from Oakland and really love it. The community is wonderful and friendly. Napa is changing rapidly for the best and it is exciting to see. It is expensive as most cater to tourists but it is worth it.



Expensive City to Live in
Napa is a nice place to live if you are able to own most of you home. Working here is mostly via the wine industry and service sector. Many folks who own homes here are living elsewhere and come here for the weekend or during the summer time. As a family with young kids we are considering a lower cost of living place to live so we do not have to work so much to maintain the high cost of housing and fuel. There is the benefit of a river and bay to fish in, closeness to Tahoe to ski, large city like SF to visit.



its beautiful place to live
I was born & raised here all my life its a beautiful little city



It doesn't get much better than this!
The climate in the city of Napa, and Napa Valley as a whole, is delightful. There are no extremes as far as hot and cold weather, yet there are distinct seasons.

Summers rarely see more than a few consecutive days of weather over 90 degrees before the marine influence ushers in the lovely cooling fog, which rolls in quietly at night to blanket the valley and then "burns off" usually by mid-morning the next day. When the summer temperatures are in the 70's and 80's there is very little fog in the valley.

There is little to no rainfall from May through September. This is perfect grape-growing weather! The temperatures in the winter are quite moderate, with some nights falling below freezing but warming up nicely (50's & 60's) during the day. It's not unusual to have occasional days with 70 degree temperatures in the "dead of winter".

Most winters see no snowfall other than a light dusting of the white stuff perhaps once each winter, a novelty that everyone gets excited about. The surrounding hills get brown every summer and begin to turn green by mid- November. By February, most years, the hills become a gorgeous, "neon-green" color. Last year (06-07) was a near-drought year so we're hoping for more rainfall this winter. Normally, even during the heavier periods of rainfall there are only 2 - 4 consecutive days of precipitation. I don't have the figures for average rainfall here but there are LOTS of sunny days in the Napa Valley year-round.

Autumn is a favorite season in Napa Valley when many trees, as well as grape vines, display gorgeous fall colors in their foliage and the sky becomes a rich, vibrant shade of azure blue.



No Jobs
We have been looking for months and there are just no jobs. Don't think that this is a great place to move to and to find a job easily. The companies go throught temp agencies so they don't have to hire directly and offer full time employment or benefits. The wineries employ only people from other countries. This is an impossible place. The schools look like they are in really bad shape. I was so surprised thinking we would be moving to a "wealthy place", I guess like so many places there are the wealthy, and the poor, and not much middle class anymore. It is not what I thought it would be like. Much smaller and not as nice. Once you get past the initial excitement that doesn't last long, there is not much else going for this place. The only thing I have to say is that the parks are nice for young kids, with the best playgrounds I have seen compared to NY, or FL.

Oh Well....will be moving to a place where there are jobs, and prices are not so ridiculous for homes, for shopping, general food prices, better schools, etc. It is hard for someone like me to not be able to go out and get into a conversation with someone while shopping, but I feel so alone here, most people don't even speak English. I feel very out of place.



Napa life...
...the weather in Napa is incredible. It's what makes California, well California...


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