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Napa Has Become a Nightmare
Star Rating - 12/1/2019
My longtime Napa home burned to smithereens in 2017. That same night, a crazy stalker set her sights on me. Two nights after the fire, she showed up at my rescue house and assaulted me physically. Afterward, she continued to stalk me and cause numerous public scenes. After 6 weeks of this behavior, she broke into my house and physically attacked me again. This time, she was arrested. The d.a., Allison Haley, had piles of evidence and charged my assailant with multiple counts. Ms. Haley looked me in the eye and admitted my assailant was dangerous and unlikely to stop despite a restraining order. My assailant pled guilty to felony charges, and then.... Ms. Haley let her walk free with no consequences whatsoever. If you think you are safe in Napa, or the d.a. will protect you, do think again. Only a certain few get real justice in this formerly nice town. Once I leave (asap) I will never look back.
Kaanii | Napa, CA
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- 4/25/2021
Napa- There Are Better Options Out There.
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Half the price of San Francisco and Silicon Valley
Napa is a very easy place to live, especially for those contemplating retirement. The pace...
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Get out while you can
My family has been here since the late 1800's. Some of the earliest settler's. Raised in N...
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- 4/14/2015
Too expensive
Born and raised in Napa Valley unfortunatley will be looking to relocate to a different st...
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- 3/3/2015
Napa, California
Napa is situated in a beautiful little valley world-renowned for it's wine and lifestyle. ...
Charles | Napa, CA | No Replies

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