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A Rare Gem. Not For Everyone. - 2/19/2018
Ojai has it's social and environmental challenges. It's population can be insular and self-absorbed. I grew up in Palo Alto and lived in Berkeley in the 70's so I can relate to that mindset. To live here, you need to have a large dose of tolerance for all sorts of people. Acceptance is key to fitting in. Ojai does not appeal to racists and bigots. There's a welcome influx of younger and hipper people since 2010. One of the biggest challenges facing Ojai is water and a changing climate. Summers are hotter than ever and water resources are diminishing rapidly. Some old timers are moving out because they think the place is drying up. It may very well be. But it is still one of the most beautiful places on the Read More

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Too small - 3/9/2015
Yes, Ojai is pretty geographically but there are a lot of run down neighborhoods. There are no "rules" about keeping your house or yard up and therefore lots of people don't. It is a town divided by the super wealthy and the dirt poor. No middle class. Shopping is next to none. What local can afford to buy their clothes at a boutique in the back of some fancy art gallery. So you have to go to Ventura for everything. Everybody knows everybody in Ojai, so it's difficult to meet new people or make new friends. Its a nice place for young children but no so great once you're a teenager. The summers are very HOT Read More

Living in Ojai - 1/21/2014
From my contacts, this place is my idea of how I want to spend my remaining days on Read More

cost of living - 7/4/2008
Ojai is a rare gem in SoCal, located in a mountain valley 12 miles NE of Ventura, 23 miles SW of Santa Barbara. It's considered by many, (inc. the Chumash settlers) a spiritual location, because it's one of the few places on earth where the mts. run in both directions, creating a geographical vortex, a gateway to the spirit world. (much like Sedona, Az. and Kathmandu). The prime location makes it a get away haven for the rich and famous from Hollywood land, 70 miles to the south. It's mainly service economy is dependent on tourism, yet its' off the beaten track location, unprecedented beauty and eclectic mix of artists, musicians, 3rd generation ranchers and service minded folks offer a diversity I've never seen anywhere else. The lack of pretentiousness is unusual for SoCal. People are laid back, open minded, friendly and free thinkers. Every type of divinity is located here from organized religion to Wicca, Native beliefs and east-west philosophies. Ojai features world class spas Read More

Beauty - 3/9/2008
This is most beautiful place I've seen and I get to live here. It's a small, artsy town with mostly laid-back people. It's my kind of Read More

If only climate was cheap - 2/22/2008
I grew up in Ojai, and graduated from Nordhoff in 1989. I've been back to visit several times, and long to live in this wonderful town again. Ojai is a wonderful place to raise a child if you can afford it. 20 min. from the beach, 10 min from hiking, and amazing sunsets and near perfect weather. Clear night skies and fresh, clean air in abundance. But, the crazy real estate kicked me out 15 years ago b/c I became a teacher. This town isn't for middle of the road earners unless you want to feel like you are living in poverty, which I don't. So, I plan to retire here someday and will continue to visit every few years to keep my dream alive. If you can afford this wonderful town, move here!
Oh yeah, you can walk around the whole town, visit great locally owned restaurants and shops, and ride the bike path. It really is a town here, not subdivisions and strip malls like where I live now in Read More

Ojai - Why I Love Living Here - 8/17/2007
The mountains are a purple shade in late afternoon. The architecture is Spanish-Colonial, and there are lovely vistas, complete with cactus plants and huge oak trees. Has a bit of the old west feeling to it, as Read More

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265 E Villanova Rd
Bed 0 | Bath N/A

11522 N Ventura Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 0

265 E Villanova Rd
Bed 0 | Bath 0

308 N Signal St
Bed 7 | Bath 7

2000 Gridley Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2000 Gridley Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

12460 Linda Flora Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 6


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