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A Rare Gem. Not For Everyone.
Star Rating - 2/19/2018
Ojai has it's social and environmental challenges. It's population can be insular and self-absorbed. I grew up in Palo Alto and lived in Berkeley in the 70's so I can relate to that mindset. To live here, you need to have a large dose of tolerance for all sorts of people. Acceptance is key to fitting in. Ojai does not appeal to racists and bigots. There's a welcome influx of younger and hipper people since 2010. One of the biggest challenges facing Ojai is water and a changing climate. Summers are hotter than ever and water resources are diminishing rapidly. Some old timers are moving out because they think the place is drying up. It may very well be. But it is still one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Chris | Ojai, CA
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We live in Ojai and the summers are brutal, over 100 days are common. Water is still rationed. We pay penalties every month even though we have stopped most watering, take showers every few days etc. we have lost more landscape and trees than I can bear. And it is expensive. The culture and population are changing. There are a lot of rich Angelenos moving here for part-time houses. I don’t think the “old” Ojai will still exist 10 years from now
Christine | Ojai, CA

Not a ton of negros and chicanos but still enough to give pause.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV

It is hotter than ever. I've been here 57 years - born and raised here - a good number of years to have correct, non-leftist/non-right wing information. Our 'old Ojai' is dead; L.A. killed it. That, in addition to the rapidly increasingly population/crowding, and increasingly unbearable summer heat, are why we will be leaving soon. Ojai is now just another Southern California city filled with stores for tourists and houses filled with those who can afford the ridiculous price of admission. Can't even imagine how the Chumash must have felt...
Mona | Oak View, CA

Ojai weather is NOT "hotter than ever," nor is the water situation any different than it has ever been. And climate is cyclical (simply review records covering the past 100 years to verify). That you are from Paleo Alto explains your knuckle-dragging intolerant leftist perspective. Please move back there.
Neutral | Ojai, CA
- 3/9/2015
Too small
Yes, Ojai is pretty geographically but there are a lot of run down neighborhoods. There a...
Debra | Ojai, CA | 1 Reply

- 1/21/2014
Living in Ojai
From my contacts, this place is my idea of how I want to spend my remaining days on earth....
Claire Lynn | Germantown, MD | No Replies

- 7/4/2008
cost of living
Ojai is a rare gem in SoCal, located in a mountain valley 12 miles NE of Ventura, 23 miles...
gypsy | Ojai, CA | No Replies

- 3/9/2008
This is most beautiful place I've seen and I get to live here. It's a small, artsy town w...
Nancy | Ojai, CA | No Replies

- 2/22/2008
If only climate was cheap
I grew up in Ojai, and graduated from Nordhoff in 1989. I've been back to visit several t...
kerry | Ballwin, MO | No Replies

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