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Redding is horrible - 7/10/2018
Redding is horrible now. City gov. is corrupt. Full of crazy Bethel people. Welcome to our Crazy cult ! Im waiting for the weird sex/ money scandal to hit and shut that crazy church down. Parents do not send your daughters to that BSSM. This place is so dangerous for women. Read More

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been here since 1973 - 7/6/2018
i moved here in Nov. 1973. i'm now a shasta college student and the instructors are great! the atmosphere at the college is really wonderful. i might just decide to work there. :) the housing prices are incredibly low for CA. i had to post after i read some of these posts. here is my take on redding: 1. the heat; i hate it. this year it hasn't been bad. at least it's dry heat. i found out from my family running all over the country that most of this country has humid heat. i can't stand humidity. that's what makes it hot for me. 2. about crime; it is about comparible per capita as any city in the country. 3. child molesters; according to stats, we are a dumpimg ground for them, something we intend to change. i have never had that affect me or my family, but i was always careful about leaving my children alone with a man, especially one without a family. i simply didn't leave them alone. duh!! 4. the homeless; there are a lot if you are actually in the city of redding. downtown or Read More

P.L.S. - 5/21/2018
These values are so ridiculously off it is sad that they are published for review.
I wonder where they aquired these Read More

Corrupt dangerous city - 5/10/2018
I worked at the city of Redding. The government city counsel and city manager are completely corrupt dangerous people with the local paper, police force,judiciary, grand jury and local electric utility all protecting the corruption. Sad, good luck finding local services. The area is unbearably hot half the time. But on the plus side there are plenty of outdoors activities. Read More
Tim | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

Redding only where we shop,Live in suburbs love it - 8/11/2017
Hello Todd Chrisler Here...
I have a 32 acre ranch in Tehama county about 16 miles south west of Cottonwood California.
I moved up here from the SF bay area.
I have had a very positive experience here.
We bought this ranch in need of some TLC and it has been wonderful.
We have a four to five acre lake stocked with bass and other sport fish.
And the large two parcel estate is fully irrigated as well.
We have two houses two septic systems many outbuildings and with zoning ord we can still build two more dwellings on the lower 11 acre parcel that holds our bass lake. The spring and winter are so beautiful up here it really takes your breath away.I have dozens of photos at many times of year to give example.
Yes it is quite hot in the summer months however the humidity is usually quite low and I was surprised just how easy it has been to tolerate it.
My grapes are doing well and all my pomegranate trees are fruiting.
The apricot Read More

What was I thinking? - 5/30/2017
I was born and raised in Redding. In 1970 someone got the idea to bulldoze all of the historical buildings,stores on Market street to build an indoor mall that failed. The spirit and the soul of Redding disappeared! There is NO downtown. I went to college and was successful in Portland Oregon for 30 years. In my 60's I came back to Redding to be near family. Most of my family now have moved to Hawaii. I have been here for two years and have not been able to get out yet. I am having trouble finding a professional,decent paying job. I am working minimum wage and am worried about my utility bills. I try to count the blessings of living in Redding everyday so that I can survive here. I feel validated in my experience after reading these reviews. We will see if I can get a good job,save my money and move to Brookings,Oregon. I commend those who can survive and thrive Read More

Bring your money & reside where the cows roam - 1/13/2017
Redding has always been a unique city in that it's the last "large" city south of the CA/OR border. While there are several hotels & motels, none are 4 or 5 star. The Holiday Inn & Best Western are the nicest in town & while Redding has recently built a new hotel at Turtle Bay, it backs up to an extremely rough patch of town where homeless people & crime abound.
The homeless population has increased dramatically & the police department has their hands tied as to what people can be arrested for. Crimes committed in which property damage is deemed to be at or under $950, is a simple infraction which results in a fine. No arrests are allowed by law to be made in those types of cases. Theft is rampant in both residential & business & again, law enforcement does little to nothing per the laws in both CA & in the City of Redding, which is a very greedy city.
The City of Redding is run by a few individuals largely from southern California. They brought their artistic ideas to Read More

We love Redding! - 11/9/2016
I am so completely appalled by how many complain about Redding. It seems like the people that do only spend time inside, complaining on social media. We moved here almost two years ago from Southern California( a town one hour north of LA called Palmdale). We enjoyed the AV but were seeking adventure. We literally just picked a place on the map, visited Redding, and fell in love. I wish people appreciated it more. Just look around you. Anywhere you drive, you see trees instead of massive buildings. You're 20 minutes from two gorgeous lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. Twenty minutes! You're right on the Sacramento River for crying out loud. There's an abundance of bridges, and hiking. There's what seems to be a never ending Sacramento River trail that is PAVED. There's great people here too. Many complain about the Bethel church, but they are good people who make good choices and want to help the community. Can't complain about that.
People also complain about the heat. Yes, I Read More

After moving away from Redding I'd never live ther - 1/29/2016
I wish when I was thinking about moving to Redding in 2012, I'd read this review I'm about to write. I've lived around the world and internationally and been happy something I was able to do anywhere until I made the mistake of my life and choose to move to Redding CA. I actually moved for a job with the county. There were many things I didn't know about Redding, the dirty underbelly of the monster when I naively bought a house in hell. This is why I don't recommend it particularly for those that do not have family there already
1. WORK -it is hard to find and being isolated as it is, the workplaces can be horrible. The branch of county government I landed in was terribly mismanaged and coworkers were discouraged and desperate about the management but stuck
2. UTILITIES - I had a small house, used utilities conservatively but my utilities bill was more expensive than my mortgage every month
3. HEAT - I was from the North and while 80 degrees in October and Read More

Pretty Great here - 6/25/2015
I admit Redding bored me at first, and I hated the hot weather and the scrubby looking trees here. (They're even called "scrub" oaks). But the people are really decent here. Cowboys, mainly, who are the best people on earth. Old-fashioned values are admired here, and although it's true that Redding has been a dumping ground for felons and sex offenders (Thanks Sacramento), they are limited by the fact that everyone has weapons here. Very safe place, and the scenery, wildlife and outdoor recreation is endless. Love Read More

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