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Salinas, California is located in Monterey County and has a population of over 156,000 people. It is known for its rich agricultural industry and is often referred to as the "Salad Bowl of the World." The city has a diverse population and offers a variety of cultural experiences, such as the annual California Rodeo Salinas and the Steinbeck Festival. However, like any city, it also has its own set of challenges and drawbacks. Below, we will summarize and include excerpts from user reviews about living in Salinas.

According to user reviews on, Salinas has received a mixed response from residents. While some enjoy the city's proximity to beaches, mountains, and other attractions, others have expressed concerns about the high cost of living and lack of job opportunities. Overall, the majority of reviews highlight the city's diverse community and friendly atmosphere.

One user, named Sarah, shared her positive experience, saying, "Living in Salinas has been a wonderful experience. It's a small city, but there's so much to explore and discover here. The community is very welcoming and there are always events and festivals happening."

On the other hand, a reviewer named Michael mentioned the high cost of living and housing in Salinas, stating, "The cost of living here is quite high, especially for rent. It's difficult to find affordable housing in this city, and that's definitely a downside."

Another user, Alex, mentioned the city's agricultural industry and its impact on the job market, saying, "Salinas is definitely a great place for those in the agriculture industry, but for others, it may be harder to find job opportunities here. The economy is heavily reliant on agriculture."

Lastly, a user named Maria highlighted the city's cultural diversity, saying, "One of the best things about living in Salinas is the diversity. You can find people from all walks of life here, and that's what makes this city special."

Overall, it seems that while Salinas may have its challenges, many residents appreciate the city's diversity and sense of community. Job opportunities and cost of living may be concerns, but the city offers a variety of experiences and attractions that make it a desirable place to live for many.

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Sacred Heart School Pk- 8 - 7/19/2014
Sacred Heart School is a fine Catholic school in the heart of Salinas, Ca. Victoria Torcolini was principal of this PK-8 school from 2006-2009. Under her leadership, SHS received a full 6- year accreditation,while upgrading both technology & curriculum. She was Head of Sacred Heart when it celebrated its Gala 100th Anniversary. Hundreds of alumni, faculty, students, parishioners, and community leaders attended the special event to pay tribute to the SHS legacy.
In 2009, Principal Torcolini went on to become Principal and Head of St. Joseph PK-12 School on the Big Island of Hawaii. In 2012, SJS in the Diocese of Honolulu, earned a full (6 year) Triple Crown Accreditation under the Western Association of Schools & Colleges, the Catholic Education Association, & the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools. Ms Torcolini retired from Catholic education on August 1, 2013 after over 30 years as both a public and private PS-12 educator and administrator. Ms. Torcolini currently Read More

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The best place to live - 1/9/2012
I Was born and raise in salinas. In 2006 my family moved to the central valley. I moved back to salinas in 2011. I moved back Because I got a better job in Carmel. I love living here the weather is nice year round. Salinas is not a bad place to live yes it has its problems just like any other town. come on the beach 15 minutes away you have monterey and santa cruz to visit. If this town was so bad I don't think we be getting more stores and restaurants here. If I thought salinas was that bad of a town I would of never moved back. I will never leave this town again. Read More

Outstanding air quality, beautiful surroundings. - 12/25/2009
Salinas, California has some of the best weather in Central California. I love looking out at the mountain ranges that line the Salinas River Valley. It's a shame that it is gradually becoming a Little Tijuana, complete with lots of gang violence and property Read More

Reviews - 8/29/2008
Pretty interesting information when you need to decide on home ownership in an Read More

the weather of salinas - 8/20/2008
the weather here is very mild. year round average of about 65. we do get coastal fog but it usually is in the mornings and evenings and not everyday. very pleasant weather. great for growing lots of Read More

Rentals - 9/19/2007
Homes for rent in Prunedale are getting ridiculously expensive. You'd think we live San Franscico or something. Just recently I had to look for a new place of residence and if your not hispanic or hispanic speaking good luck find a Read More

Quality of Life - 5/18/2007
Despite the crime rate and high cost of living, Salinas is a great city to live in. The housing situation is lacking, but I see growth everywhere, housing, shopping areas. I love the climate, compared to LA'S San Fernando Valley, which is hot and overcrowded. With job background and skilled jobs more so, there are jobs. Long-time residents who have lived here all their lives love it (except for its rapid growth), which is a good sign. Large numbers are needed to work in the hospitality industries and need low-cost housing.

The health situation is no different here than in many other California cities. In Salinas it would be helpful to settle the political problems including how to utilize Natividad Medical Center, i.e.,the county hospital, which is very new, very large, and still sits under-used after 8+ years. Salinas is different, but in a good way. Infrastucture to improve the health and safety of all citizens is needed. The area favors the rich, abhors the poor and Read More

Nice moderate climate; but too expensive. - 9/8/2006
Salinas has a cool, foggy summer and a nice warm "Indian summer" in the fall. Look at Sperling's Comfort Index (78) and you'll see that it's a very comfortable climate in which to live. However, the cost of living (esp. housing) is outrageous. We were fortunate enough to have purchased our house 16 years ago (for 204,000) and it's now worth around 800,000. But, that just means we have to stay in this house and can't move to another neighborhood unless we're willing to forego our current property taxes of $2200 per year and have it jump up to 8 or 9 grand per year!

People complain about the gangs in Salinas; but I've lived here 16 years and have never had a problem with my house being robbed, or witnessing any other crimes. Look at Sperling's Crime Index for Salinas (6-7) and you'll see it's comparable to smaller, "quieter" communities in other states such as Brandon, FL.
Read More

WORST Value - 8/5/2006
The problem with Salinas isn't that it's so incredibly bad. It reminds me of various cities along highway 99 ie Modesto, Fresno, Stockton. It's only maybe a little worse than these cities in terms of crime, lack of activities, air quality, etc. The problem is the price you pay to live here. Just look at Sperling's opening description for Salinas. It's cost of living is 70% higher than the national average!!!

C'mon! How is this city possibly worth paying 70% more than average. It's got all the problems: violence, unemployment, terrible chain stores(it's my hypothesis that every store or restaurant decreases in quality about by half just by being in Salinas, how can a burger king or best buy be worse just because of the city it's in, I don't know but it is)The prospect for jobs is terrible as San Jose industry hasn't moved this far south yet leaving produce or maybe tourism as the only viable areas to start a career. I know I mentioned crime but it bears mentioning Read More

Can't wait to leave!!! - 7/22/2006
Retiring next year and can hardly wait to leave. Salinas was once a nice place to live. The gangs and violence are terrible. The area stores look like a play ground free for all. The area culture let their children run wild in the stores and there are items on the floors everywhere. Try finding a clerk that can speak english and understand what you are saying in ENGLISH. Salinas is now the armpit of California. DON"T move Read More

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