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Star Rating - 9/19/2007
Homes for rent in Prunedale are getting ridiculously expensive. You'd think we live San Franscico or something. Just recently I had to look for a new place of residence and if your not hispanic or hispanic speaking good luck find a place.
Crystal | Prunedale, CA
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Homes for rent in Salinas are crazy expensive! The weather is nice, but I like some snow in the winter! No real entertainment venues and the only live theater except for Hartnell College is at the Fox, which STILL needs restoration! Most of the bands that play there are Hispanic, so not much for the rest of us. Overly Democratic and sirens going off all over town like every night, some neighborhoods are decent, just like any place else. But it's the rent and buying a house that is just crazy around here!
Carrie | Salinas, CA | Report Abuse
- 7/19/2014
Sacred Heart School Pk- 8
Sacred Heart School is a fine Catholic school in the heart of Salinas, Ca. Victoria Torcol...
Victoria | Carmel, CA | No Replies

- 1/9/2012
The best place to live
I Was born and raise in salinas. In 2006 my family moved to the central valley. I moved b...
Hector | Salinas, CA | No Replies

- 12/25/2009
Outstanding air quality, beautiful surroundings.
Salinas, California has some of the best weather in Central California. I love looking ou...
Bill | Salinas, CA | No Replies

- 8/29/2008
Pretty interesting information when you need to decide on home ownership in an area....
Renee | Salinas, CA | No Replies

- 8/20/2008
the weather of salinas
the weather here is very mild. year round average of about 65. we do get coastal fog but i...
katie | Salinas, CA | No Replies

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