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San Jose Native Opinion - 12/3/2012
I've lived in San Jose for 35 years (& 4 in San Francisco). We are hoping to finally move out of state soon, if the job market allows. We were lucky to be able to buy a house here, but most native San Jose friends had to move away in the 90's.

Here's what I like about San Jose: Good police force (much of San Jose is safe & well-patrolled); Downtown area is cleaner than places like San Francisco; great restaurants & wide variety of stores; a lot to do if you like man-made entertainment (movies, trampolines, go-carts, water parks, amusement parks, etc); lots of paved bike trails; people are pretty liberal here; there is a lot of cultural & racial diversity; the hills around San Jose are pretty to hike in or drive through; summer, spring, & fall are nice seasons for weather; we have good libraries; we have Spanish Immersion public school (your kids can learn Spanish for free). A lot of attractive houses & safe neighborhoods/decent schools..unless you go into downtown, East Read More

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I am still in shocked with the high ratings of San - 10/8/2012
I grew up in san jose most of my life for over 20 years. Many women around me end up with cancer and both of my parents died before turning 60. This place is extremely polluted with water contamination run off from high tech companies. I remember the first day I drove out of the city and within 2 days my skin cleared up from all skin rashes and bumps. That's how dirty and contaminated the air and water pollution is. I moved away north of california for cooler cleaner air, water, and weather and to the mid US states just to see what it's like. By comparison, San Jose is over priced with the housing $300 for an old broken down home! you can get so much more for your money for only half the price of san jose. People in san jose are into themselves. It's an unfriendly place. Crime is serious here even around the Evergreen area new homes. Most homes have metal bars on their doors and windows. Half of my relatives have had home invasion robbery when they go on vacation. Both me and my Read More

...... - 9/30/2012
..... Read More

San Jose, Great climate, but.... - 8/20/2012
Places to visit

High Read More

A small million dollar home - 7/27/2012
The cost of housing in San Jose is not that bad if:

1. You have parents who will gift you a million dollars.
2. You're an engineer working for a high tech firm.
3. Both you and your spouse earn executive level salaries.
4. You live with your parents.

Otherwise you're paying an exorbitant amount of money in rent or you live somewhere in the middle of the state and commute 2 hours to your job in San Jose.

For some, it might well be worth it.

It's beautiful out here.

The beach, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe are only a few hour's drive away.

Paradise has its Read More

Not for me - 6/27/2012
I have lived in San Jose for about 7 years. Prior to living here I have lived in San Fran, San Mateo, Pacifica (which I really liked except for the fog), and other towns on the Peninsula.

The traffic in San Jose is terrible! That's a given anywhere around here. I live on the boarder of Los Gatos and it's not too bad. East San Jose...avoid!!! High crime zone. In general for this city, people (strangers) are not too friendly, not a community feel (except my street), and it's just a big mass of track homes with no character. People I think live here just to commute to Palo Alto, etc. This is the case for me and many I know. It's somewhat (ehh hmm) affordable compared to areas like Saratoga and Cupertino, although I would not buy a house here. Schools suck!

The good: It's close to Silicon Valley (peninsula area), HP Pavilion has great events, downtown is small but a nice feel.

Not my idea of good quality of life, for sure. I'm planning Read More

San Jose California is where i was born and raised. I have live here for 44 years now.. I am leaving in the next couple of months. Every thing is out rageous, and i mean EVERYTHING!!! The graffity is getting way out of hand,, dosent matter where you live. I live in a very upscale area, and its so bad, they cant keep up. The paint all over the signs on the freeways, ha, any thing that dosent move, they spray it..
I look forward to getting out of California, and maybe a retun for SHORT Read More

Peaceful with access to Ocean, Mountains, Good Wea - 10/30/2010
I love living in San Jose, CA because of its good weather, low crime, important place in Silicon Valley. It is close to the mountains, national park Yosemite, oceans off of Santa Cruz mountains and San Francisco.

Its educational systems include access to Stanford University, Santa Clara University, San Jose State University with Berkeley at some distance.

All kinds of birds visit my bird feeder in the backyard.

People may be racist but I have not really felt it much. A lot of very diverse communities do live here and mix with their own for the most part. There is very large number of hilly parks for going hiking and roads for biking.

You can grow flowers most of the year.

Beautiful city and a more expensive but ever more beautiful San Francisco is not too far to visit (60 miles). Las Vegas and Reno are short flight away.

For international travel, San Francisco serves as an affordable Read More

Quality of Life - 7/4/2010
Quality of Read More

Great place to live! - 6/27/2010
San Jose is perfectly situated in the state. We're less than one hour from the Pacific, less than four hours from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and less than six hours from the desert. Whatever your preference is, we have Read More

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