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The Suit Co - 4/28/2018
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education - 10/27/2010
education Read More

I live in Santa Ana in a crappy economy, everyone is out to get everyone. Everyone is screwing everyone to get business. There are no jobs, most of people in the mid 30's with kids, in the construction industry are unemployed. Contractors are underbidding, real estate is all short sales and every old loan shark is trying to screw everyone over with a bogus loan mod. There are no genuine jobs in Santa Ana and if your not bilingual you are basically a waste of space. ( that is my business opinion ) The people I grew up with are the best on the planet, so recreation is fun here and the weather is great! But unfortunately that doesn't educate the kids or pay the bills! I hate OC!!! Read More

Housing in Santa Ana, California - 7/28/2008
Housing in Santa Ana is cheaper than the surrounding cities in Orange County but it is more crowded. On the other hand, everything is readily available: airport, transportation, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, parks, civic center, and Read More

Good to live in.... - 7/10/2008
Overall, Santa Ana is good to live in. Great climate, great citizens. Although stay away from the downtown areas because that's where gangs tend to gather, however, the city is going through a Renaissance,in which they are renovating everything so that's somethin' great! Jobs right now are hard to find since the unemployment rate is at 6 % which is pretty high. Rent is outrageous here. For a 1 bedroom apartment you are paying 1,100 bucks a month! Overall, its a good Read More

Climate - 6/19/2008
Summer is 80 to 90 degrees during the day, 65 to low 70 in evenings. Approx 20 minutes from the coast so tend to get breezes in the evening. November brings cool mornings and evenings low 70's during the day. Cooler in December through February, then starts warming up for Read More

Beautiful Weather and Close to a ton of outdoor ac - 5/25/2008
Santa Ana is a beautiful place. As any city in Orange County It is close ~ 10-20 minutes to the Ocean, there are a ton of outdoor activities within an hour and a half. There are a few tough neighborhoods in Santa Ana, but it provides a cheaper cost of living vs. Newport Beach, CA. If you have the extra income it would be safer/cleaner to live in Irvine, Newport Beach, or Huntington Read More

Live here if you want to feel like your back at ho - 3/5/2008
I've had the misfortune of going through Santa Ana many times. Its probably one of the WORST cities in Orange County. ALL of the business downtown are strictly for illegal aliens who don't think that learning English is important. The signs are all in Spanish. (Not even English & Spanish-just Spanish.) Everyone you see walking looks like they just hopped the fence. There are cops everywhere, no doubt because of all the criminals that come along with illegal immigration. I would rather live in a nice apartment in some other OC city than have a house in Santa Read More

Great Climate - 9/15/2007
I've lived here in Santa Ana for 30 years and you just can not beat the weather. The winters are very mild with a little rain and now snow. The Summers are warm and dry. There is usually a light breeze to keep things Read More

SAD - 6/3/2007
As many SOCAL cities are now santa ana has gone through a very negitive transformations. Given santa ana hasn't been nice since the late 60s to early 70s, but for anyone in that area at that time remembers santa ana used to be an all american city instead of a mexican one. This is now the reality for santa ana, OC, and all of SOCAL is new. Read More

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