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Thirty years a resident - and leaving soon. - 1/15/2020
My husband and I moved into our first home in 1989 - just as the Valencia Mall broke ground. I still miss the Bob's Big Boy at the corner of Valencia Blvd. and Magic Mountain Parkway. I miss the 30-minute commute to North Hollywood. I also miss the independent restaurants that have been replaced by the generic, bland, unidentifiable franchises like Olive Garden and Mimi's Cafe. I guess that's what you call "progress".
Over the last 30+ years, we have certainly seen many changes to our little valley, some for the better, some maybe not so much. Still, Santa Clarita is a lovely suburb; "Generica" as it were. There are many retired or currently employed members of law enforcement, which creates a safe environment. The school system is excellent, shopping is plentiful and public transportation is not bad - even for Southern California. Infrastructure is good however, it could be better. Thousands of new houses were built which has created a lot more traffic on our local Read More

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Avoid LA by moving north. - 10/20/2019
I've lived in Santa Clarita for nearly 7 years and have greatly enjoyed my time here. It's a great place to raise a family with a great sense of community. The concerts in the park every summer is a great community event. Central Park and the other parks in SC are well maintained and peaceful. The weather is classic southern California a dry heat with a bit of chill at night. Naturally, summers are a bit hotter than normal and winters can be a bit windy and cold but mostly the weather is everything you could want if you're avoiding humidity and snow. The beautiful scenery makes the many hiking and bike trails a comforting experience. Also, Six Flags is right off the 5 freeway providing some family fun on weekends and summer days. There is a good mix of unique food options for those that like to try new things. Furthermore, Los Angeles is 30 mins south (with no traffic) if you want to expand those options. For those driving south for work, the drive can be awful as LA like any major Read More

A decent mid-sized town away from LA - 8/19/2019
Santa Clarita, referred to a lot of the time as just 'SCV' (Santa Clarita Valley) is a town I lived in from the age of 5 - 28 years old. Spending 23 years of my life there I got to know it really well.

Crime: It has a fairly low crime rate. When I lived here, every area of SCV was fairly safe. It had a couple of "bad parts" mainly some apartment complexes in Canyon Country and some areas in Newhall around the Metrolink but other than that it was a safe city.

Scenery: A lot of southern California gets a reputation as being extremely dry with tons of brown brush everywhere and SCV certainly has this but many areas within the city are quite green (by Southern Cali standards). There are plenty of green areas with tons of trees, bushes, grass, etc... and quite a few nice parks. Including 'Central Park' which is one of if not SCV's largest park in terms of space.

Population boom: The population has skyrocketed here. When I Read More

Going the Way of LA? - 6/11/2019
A year ago my husband and I chose Santa Clarita as our base for work in the LA area after areas closer in proved too scarey and dirty (Van Nuys in particular). In general, Santa Clarita is clean and has low crime, but the influx of homeless drug addicts and illegals into LA is changing that. We stay at an RV park part of the year and feel safe, but in recent months there has been evidence of illegals moving up the Santa Clarita river bed stopping and using the showers in the park as a toilet. Also, just two weeks ago, there were two armed home invasions on the same day over in the Canyon Country area of Santa Clarita that targeted the elderly: 3-4 armed thugs in broad daylight. If Santa Clarita responds the same as the rest of Los Angeles (do nothing) then this town too will become just as unlivable. I wouldn't buy a house in California as the word is out on the quality of life here and people are having trouble selling their homes so they can leave. As it is, we will be having to Read More

Valencia - 10/1/2015
been living here for 2 years; nice for young families; schools very good; neighborhoods more like what it was when i grew up; I'm nearing retirement so don't find Valencia appealing since I don't want to drive so much after I Read More

Always Something to do - 6/26/2012
I love living in the Santa Clarita Valley because there is ALWAYS something to do, however the cost of living is outrageous, and that plays a big factor on why I may move out of state. Read More

GHETTO, GRAFFITI AND TRASH I served my time here, - 4/17/2012
I served my time here for three years, that was way more than enough for me. I specifically lived in Newhall and it is the crappiest town ever. If you like graffiti and a gang-banger lifestyle, then be my guest and move here!

In Newhall you can have the Tijuana experience but never go south of the border. But actually TJ would be nicer because at least it has decent weather. Santa Clarita's two seasons are blistering hot, or rains so heavy that your house flows down the river that used to be your street. Your version of a nice yard includes shopping carts and 99 cents stores bags blowing around. It is windy all the time. If you are lucky enough to send your kid to Newhall elementary they will need a translator since the majority of the students don't speak english.

on top of it all you are next to neighborhoods like Valencia where middle-class arrogance prevails. The think everyone else is dirt! They are terrible to be around.

Commuting around Read More

Santa Clarita is way overrated. - 1/21/2012
Have you ever heard of the saying, "Keeping up with the Jones"? Well that explains Santa Clarita in a nutshell. This city is horrible. It's overcrowded, too expensive, hotter than hot in the summer, and the people that live here act like they are in Beverly Hills. There is a major rise in crime and Newhall area is like TJ. Most of the schools are good if you are looking simply at test scores and you don't mind that your child is surrounded by spoiled children that have little tolerance. Money and status is what drives the people of this community and to meet somebody that is genuinely friendly is rare. Seriously, it's like living in the Twilight Zone here and I can't wait to get out. Read More

Great Community - 7/20/2011
As a lifetime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley, I have been able to watch my community grow and flourish. For me Santa Clarita has is a great place to live when you want the amenities of a big city, but still have the small town feel. The Santa Clarita Valley has seen most of it's growth in recent years, is home to Magic Mountain Theme Park, and offers many accommodations such as shopping areas, movie theater's, dining, and more.

Santa Clarita is a suburb of Los Angeles, and located approx 35 miles north of downtown. Santa Clarita has ranked as one of the top places to live by Money Magazine, and has some of the lowest crime rates fin the nation. The Master Planned Communities here are great! Not to far from any neighborhood you live in, you will find parks, walking, running, and biking trails, supermarkets, award winning Read More

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