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Lovely climate - 7/29/2007
I admit I miss a stronger delineation of seasons, but there is a lot to be said for the climate here. It's rarely unbearably hot and it's never bitterly cold. It seems we have two seasons, not four: wet (winter) and dry (summer). In summer, anything not watered by humans is brown and dead, but there's a positive side: it's not humid enough here to support lots of mosquitos and the like. There's never snow -- the idea of frozen pipes is a strange tale from a faraway Read More

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The high cost of earthquake insurance - 3/7/2007
My wife and I live in an 1100 sq. ft condo in a gated community of 96 units. We bought in 1994 for $189K and our home has appreciated to at least $500K. That's the good news. The bad news is that our earthquake insurance is about to terminate, and the costs are going way up, and the coverage is going down. So if you are in the market for a new home: Beware of earthquake insurance rates. The insurance companies had to pay through the nose after a bunch of natural disasters in 2005. It seems like they are on a mission to either rebuild their reserve funds or just plain avoid costly Read More

used to live here & liked it but: - 8/2/2006
the costs are incredibly high and simply not worth it IMHO. i hear that schools are not great. the local economy took a whipping during the dot com bust, but real estate has been stable. hi-tech jobs abound. for *any* culture you'd have to go to SFO. most cities in the bay area have had greatness thrust on them so dont expect anything for the prices one has to pay. the huge plus is that the sea isnt far away and neither is natural Read More

Sunnyvale, California - 6/23/2006
It is in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many of the Hi-Tech companies are located in this area. Moffett field and Lockheed are about 15 minutes away in the city of Mountain View. I am surrounded by the cities of Cupertino and Santa Clara.

This area used to be orchards. Many wonderful fruit grew here.

Sunnyvale is about 30 minutes away from Stanford University in Palo Read More

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