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Tehachapi, California Reviews

Tehachapi, CA is a small city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. It’s known for its outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding. The town also has several museums and art galleries showcasing the local history and art of the area. Tehachapi is home to an array of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world as well as some local favorites. People who visit Tehachapi are often delighted by its charm and beauty, and many visitors return time and time again to enjoy what this quaint town has to offer. Reviews of Tehachapi are overwhelmingly positive, with locals proclaiming it as “the best small town in California” and visitors praising the friendly people, the great outdoor activities, the unique restaurants, and the special events held throughout the year. If you’re looking for an authentic experience that’s full of adventure and culture then Tehachapi is definitely worth a visit!

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Not a Place for Teenagers - 4/22/2020
We moved out of the Los Angeles/Orange County area to escape the traffic. When we moved to bear Valley Springs (about 15 miles outside of Tehachapi) there was literally only one stop light around. 20 years later there are over a dozen and rising. The City has done a wonderful job of making the 'downtown' area look nice -- but there is still nothing to do. A Movie, Live BeeKay Theatre and a handful of restaurants are about it. The schools are the worst. They suffer from Read More

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Not my cup of tea - 10/7/2018
I lived here for over 18 years before moving away and still don't miss this town. This town is great for the elderly and young families but not great for teens and young adults. It is very boring here and there is not much to do besides camping, fishing, and hiking. Sure there is natural beauty and clean air but everyone here is bored out of their mind. Tehachapi is just another small town that lacks amenities and good paying jobs for inexperienced people. People here are conservative and family oriented.

Nothing to do: It's easy to get bored here because there's nothing to do besides going out to eat or visiting Brite Lake. Too many teens smoking pot because getting high is the only thing getting them thru this depressing place. If you are in your 20s or early 30s or have teenage kids then don't move here.

Lack of Amenities: This town does not have a whole lot of restaurants, big box stores, and attractions. We have no real clothing stores so Read More

Mountain Gem Between to Metro Areas - 6/28/2017
Tehachapi is a Mountain Community in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada between the Central Valley (Bakersfield) and the Antelope Valley (Mojave, Palmdale, Lancaster). The elevation is 4000 ft. We have summers that are not too hot, 75-90 degrees F average, over 100 Fahrenheit only with an occasional heat wave, or during the drought. High desert climate with mostly dry air, and high winds are common in Tehachapi. Our air quality is mostly pretty good, except for some smog blown up from Bakersfield every now and then.

After a 10 year drought in CA we have hopefully come back to our "land of 4 seasons status". It can snow and rain quite a bit during winter and spring months. Temperatures usually cool off between end of October through May, also temperatures drop at night year round! - Tehachapi relies on its own source of water coming off the mountains and depositing into underground wells.

There is small downtown, with not much to do. All around you can Read More

Great Family Atmosphere - 8/27/2015
My family has lived in Tehachapi for 3 years and we really like it. Finding a rental is sometimes difficult, but buying is a little easier. Every town has its problems and Tehachapi is no exception. There are some shady parts of town, there is crime and drug abuse. There are also wonderful churches, moms groups, sports and parks for the kids, and things to do as a family (ostrich ranch anyone?). If you need to shop at the bigger stores, Bakersfield and Lancaster are about an hour away, but really there are several local shops that I've found to be good replacements for that. There are several family owned orchards where you can pick your own fruit We live in Bear Valley Springs and you'll hear differing opinions on that specifically. It is inconvenient to have gate attendants at times, depending on their mood, and grouped mailboxes, one road in and out, but all in all it is a very friendly area, plus you can always see deer, elk, bobcats, lots of birds, etc. It's easy to focus on the Read More

Quality of Life - 5/2/2011
This place is for people who came over in the Santa Maria and want to be left alone, have religious freedom, and rule obeying populace. Break the rules of the clan and you are outcasted. One family here who's son commited suicide was taunted so badly about being gay (and I can tell you there is NO tolerance for being gay, different, or anything in between) yet the family kept quiet. I know from living there that they had to or the neighbors would have torn them apart. These people are not Read More

Tehachapi and surrounding area - 8/9/2008
Used to be a small town and slow paced and now is growing due to influx to the area. Retirement communities nearby and easy commute to Bakersfield & Lancaster. Four seasons Read More

Private School - 3/7/2008
Tehachapi has an excellent private school, Carden School of Tehachapi. I am unable to find it listed anywhere on Sperling's Best Read More

Land of Four Seasons-sometimes all in one week - 7/28/2006
I have lived in Tehachapi for 7 months now and I would have to say that we have seen a lot of the Summer Season. Moving from the high desert to get away from the heat I am disappointed to be having such an extremely hot summer, 100-105 degrees average. Unfortunately, global warming is not something in the distant future but maybe we'll get snow again this winter. Although it was March of this year when it finally did Read More

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