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Warm - 11/22/2015
Due to global warming, the climate has gotten warmer longer. Read More

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Moving to Torrance,CA - 10/21/2015
We are moving to Torrance,CA. Would like to know best places to live and top 5 elementary schools. Read More

Weather in southern California - 6/5/2012
Nice, can't beat the climate in Southern Read More

A great city to live in - 2/5/2010
Torrance is a diverse city, southwest of Los Angeles. It is a large city made up of Business and Residences in a unique group of neighborhoods that join the City of los Angeles on the eastern border and goes to the ocean at the western border, south to the Palos Verdes Penisula, and north to Lawndale. It is made of beautiful homes, most of them quite large, and the homes are located in unique neighborhoods on tree lined streets, many in the hills overlooking the city. Torrance goes all the way to a beautiful beach just south of Redondo Beach and looks out across the Santa Monica Bay to Catalina Island. Torrance can boast of major corporate headquarters like that of Toyota, U.S. Headquarters, Honda, U.S. Headquarters, Lexus U.S Headquarters, ExxonMobil, and many more. There are great parks, lushy landscaped and well maintained. This community is a well balance community that maintains its urban sophistication, but is like living in a rural small country Read More

Great place to live - 10/21/2009
Cost of living affordable. Very good neighborhoods. Quiet and Read More

City Now I live in - 3/7/2008
A place to Read More

Torrance --Hidden Gem - 9/2/2007
Torrance is a suburb of LA.It it close to the beach so the weather is usually
5-10 degrees cooler. Houses in the better parts are not inexpensive. The city has it's own police and fire dept. so the services are superior to that of Los Angeles city.One too many strip malls for my taste, but what can you do.Schools are some of the best.Ammenities galore and proximity to everything
is pretty good.City is safe, clean and well kept up.Parks every couple of blocks.Great place to Read More

Great place but homes expensive, cant buy on $115k - 9/9/2006
Considering the craphole cities surrounding Torrance except to the west, its a great city to live in. The police are on their jobs and not lazy like LAX cops that sign in and go eat donuts and drink coffee the rest of the shift. The surrounding cities around Torrance are truely crapholes with terrible school districts due to the students themselves. I have seen a bit of undesireables moving into Torrance but they quickly move out.Probably because the police dont play the race card b.s. that other cities do like LAPD. Los Angeles fell apart because they didnt keep the minorities in check back in the 60's and now its a major craphole city with crime, illegals, etc...My background is Cuban but born here. The cops are not being racist but reacting to the situations at hand. I fully support them and thats why Torrance is still a great place to live after being here over 19 years. The downside is the price of homes, cant buy a home on $115k salary! But the prices are reflective of the Read More

The hub of South Bay - 9/4/2006
Torrance has it all. Easy drives to anywhere in the LA area, the best weather you could ask for, good schools, diverse communities. The bad spot is the price of housing, but that's the problem with the entire LA/South Bay area. Rent for a year, and you'll be looking to buy to Read More

Ocean breeze in Torrance - 8/28/2006
Being on the West end of Torrance, a rather large city, the ocean breeze blows hard in the hot summer afternoons. The ocean being only about a mile away, keeps the temperature down during the summer. While manny are miserable with the hot weather, we are quite comfortable in the warm Read More

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90503 90501 90505 90504

4111 Paseo De Los Tortugas
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2704 W 230th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

22925 Alexandria Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

21309 Palos Verdes Blvd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

20617 Tomlee Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

22114 Kenwood Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4335 W 177th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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