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Greeley, Colorado Reviews

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Get to know Greeley with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Greeley

... - 9/8/2021
ive lived here for a while and its pretty Read More

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Transplants Be Warned - 8/11/2021
I was born and raised in Greeley. I tried to run away to a real city like San Francisco in 1996. What landed me back here is that cost of living and rent was affordable. Well year after year, more transplants and people move in and by 2014 I could no longer afford to rent. I was forced to purchase a small home in a bad neighborhood to continue living and working here.
I now stand to make A LOT off this home. I will be able to secure a spot in a tolerable neighborhood.
Most natives can no longer do that. Their dreams of owning a home in this area are over this year.
There is resentment towards transplants.
This town is conservative. There are Christian protestors at my corner by planned parenthood every single day with guilt Bible versus all the day long. There is a dude dragging a cross accross the town with a wheel on it. Some dude dressed like Jesus with a sign.
You will not face too horrific of a cow smell if you live west of 23rd Avenue.
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Great restaurants, decent college, and bigoted ppl - 7/16/2020
I lived in Greeley, CO during my undergraduate for 4 years. I recently moved to go receive my graduate degree elsewhere. However, there are so many ups and downs of this place.
-Amazing local places for food. The customer service tends to be amazing at any of these places. Right Coast, Romas, Patricks, Luna's, Tasty Kitchen, and so on.
-Customer service at most retailers and shops tend to be very good.
-Theres a good amount of polite people who live and let live.
-The police tend to be nice and are understanding.
-Has a good hospital and health care system.
-Lot of community events.
-Equal distance from Denver and Cheyenne.
-Not fully related to Greeley, but as they are the county seat.
-Sheriff Reams is the worst and most disrespectful sheriff to ever exist. He belongs in some homophobic, racist, sexist town pass the Mason Dixon Line. He refuses to enforce laws that the Governor enforces for GOOD REASONS. Read More

Greeley sucks! - 4/19/2020
I also have lived in Greeley for 5 yrs.
Greeley is full of crime, drug users, and thief's.
People are rude. An dont get me started on everyone excepting free hand outs..
Cant wait to put greeley in my Read More

THIS PLACE SUCKS! - 11/3/2019
I've lived here for about 8 years now and it's terrible. The people suck, it's not very pretty here and it all just sucks. Definitely do not recommend moving Read More

Horrendous. - 11/10/2018
Greeley is unique for sure. I think I’m more impressed with it’s distant history and humble beginnings rather than the juggernaut of what it is today.
That being said, that aversion has to do with the culture (not races!) and people there more than the actual location and industries. But Greeley’s affordability comes at the expense of several things others might consider to be less negotiable. Being from the Midwest, the industries are more bearable for someone like me.
But after living in Colorado for nearly a decade, Greeley and Weld county at large tend to encompass a distinct culture that is legitimately and understandably off putting for so many other Colorado inhabitants. So many in Greeley prefer to solidly make light of the putrid stockyard air pollution by openly insisting that it ‘smells like money’, which isn’t helping with the already unflattering impression that they create for themselves with people and places elsewhere. Which in turn fuels the long Read More

Greeley Gets Bad Rap! - 4/15/2015
We moved to "West" Greeley in 2011 from the Fort Collins zip code of Windsor, CO. We, too, had heard the Northern Colorado residents bashing Greeley but after enduring 3 harsh years in the NoCo economy, we were forced to seek more affordable housing. Loveland and Fort Collins home prices run 30-35% higher than the "nicer" homes in Greeley in the "nicer" neighborhoods, i.e. Avenues WEST of 35th and Streets NORTH of Hwy 34. Housing available under $295,000 in Loveland/FTC was 20-25 year old trash! Nothing we could proudly call home.

If one compares your COL indexes for Loveland versus Greeley, you see an overall picture that paints Loveland as 10% higher across the board {than Greeley}. What isn't "rated" is the convenience of shopping in Greeley where in 10 minutes, or less, we have access to every kind of "box" store from Best Buy to Lowes, to Home Depot, Kohls, Macy's (and Centerra Mall) just to name a few. Loveland and Windsor have a dividing line of I-25 for Read More

Very Conservative corner of Colorado - 2/19/2015
Many places in Colorado are very liberal, but Weld County, Colorado as well as Colorado Springs rival some of the most right-wing areas in the nations. While there are a few democrats hanging on, the republicans have a lock on county government as well as the state seat for this region. Read More

Inconsiderate People - 7/2/2014
I have lived in Greeley, Colorado for 8 months and I regret ever having stepped foot in this miserable town. The people here have no consideration for others. They will blast there stereos into your home day and night, allow there dogs to run loose and if they run after you as you walk down the sidewalk, they will look at you as if you have some nerve walking past there home. As for the noisy neighbors, if you ask them to keep the noise down they will threaten you and even increase the volume of their stereos or step up whatever other noise that they have up their sleeve. such as screaming kids, barking dogs, banging, pounding you name it. They do these things on purpose just because they get a kick out seeing people get upset. The police here in Greeley are utterly useless, because they refuse to do anything to help you. Yes, Greeley is the worst city I have ever been in the my life and I have been to a lot of cities in my life. GREELEY COLORADO IS THE LOW LIFE CAPITAL OF THE Read More

Most fracked city in Colorado - 7/29/2013
While local governments love the oil and gas revenue, they turn a deaf ear to people concerned about health issues related to fracking. This July, there was the first reported case of someone having trouble getting a mortgage for a house 250' feet from a frack well. And so it begins. There are 427 wells as of this date, with another 200 expected within city limits, and they are in neighborhoods, not some remote outpost.
Neighboring cities are banning fracking so they don't become like Greeley.
Buyer Read More

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