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Once great, ruined by population growth - 8/7/2019
I have lived in Longmont, Boulder are since 1970. I recently left the state. For so many years, Longmont, Boulder and Colorado were one of the most wonderful places on the planet. However, It has all changed dramatically. Colorado's population has quadrupled since then and things are different now. Longmont has horrible traffic and apartments are going up everywhere. The close in rural areas are now residential construction zones. I25 has been expanded but as soon as they add a lane, it gets choked with more cars. The outlying rural towns and areas have become residential clusters with shopping centers.

When I moved there in 1970 you could camp anywhere, anytime. Now, don't go on weekends and reservations are required at many places. If you like to ski, there are many great ski areas.However, skiing has become very expensive and the weekend traffic to the ski areas is horrible. Ski on weekdays, it's better.

Boulder used to be a nice town to get around in but Read More

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Longmont - 1/13/2016
I have lived here about 30 years and find Longmont a nice place to live.
You have all 4 Seasons , not a lot of snow in town. Down town is small town even though we have about 80K people. Built a now "shopping mall" but there are no clothing stores as I am reminded by my wife. Estes Park is only 35 minutes away and about 1.5 hours to major ski areas. Crime is a little higher than I would like but most of that is car theft & menacing. We do have several golf courses, lots of parks and bikeways. Read More

religion - 6/24/2014
Great Mormon Read More

Sunny with distinct seasons - 7/8/2013
The Front Range, Longmont included, enjoys sunny days throughout the majority of the year. Winter is cold with a nice amount of snow, but still sunny. Spring offers warm days and cool nights with lovely green foliage. Summer is amazing- hot and clear. Fall again, beautiful, lots of color with crisp mornings and nights- the perfect season for Read More

nice town - 12/16/2012
nice Read More

A city transformed - 7/14/2012
The glare from sparkling Boulder is so intense, you might miss another gem just up the road. Longmont is a city rooted in an agricultural past. However, with more and more high tech and aerospace companies attracted to the mild weather and great outdoors, that image is changing.

The Boulder County Fairgrounds is located in Longmont just north of the Twin Peaks Mall, which has a new owner with plans to make it the premiere shopping hub of its glory days. Twin Peaks is where you can find casual dining restaurants that cater to families and Longmont's night life.

Longmont has been polishing its image, too, adding trails and making other improvements. The downtown has received a lot of attention in recent years and features a lively art community that attracts visitors in search of great food and entertainment.

Keep an eye on Longmont. It isn't the little town it once was.
 Read More

Good Place for Retirees? - 1/11/2010
My husband and I plan on retiring to CO in the next few years. We LOVE CO, and have traveled frequently throughout the state. Any opinions on the towns of Longmont, Loveland, and Castle Rock for very active, liberal-minded Read More

retiring to CO - 1/10/2010
My husband and I love CO and have traveled to most parts of the state. We are looking to retire to CO in the next few years, and would appreciate any feedback about the towns of Longmont, Loveland, and Castle Rock. Specifically, is one town better than another for very active, liberal-minded Read More

Quality of LIfe in Longmont CO - 1/4/2010
The quality of life here in Longmont is great. There is a strong sense of community and the city celebrates it's culture. Longmont get's a bad wrap sometimes and it just isn't Read More

Nice family environment - 9/24/2009
I grew up in Longmont and spent the majority of my childhood and teen years there. It's a nice place to raise a family being a friendly small town and not too expensive to live in. The schools are good with the exceptions being some of the high schools. The crime rate is low and it's a safe atmosphere. It's grown a lot since I lived there and you'll probably still have to commute elsewhere to find a decent job, but the town is bigger every time I visit. The population is somewhat diverse with mostly a Latino and White population and most people are middle class. Unfortunately though, Longmont itself has few attractions and there's not much to do which can be a problem. There's a small mall, a mediocre movie theater and a couple community events going on through out the year... Luckily Boulder is only 10-15 minutes away, Denver is about 40 minutes away, and the mountains are easily accessible... But especially for the younger crowd like myself when I was living there, boredom was a Read More

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80504 80501 80503

6300 Union Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 4

355 Wadsworth Cir
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2100 Medford St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1126 Princeton Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

6357 Twilight Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1350 Dogwood Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

6586 Fairways Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 4


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