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Monument, Colorado Reviews

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great place to live! - 11/19/2009
if you think COS is nice, monument can't be Read More

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Monument, Colorado - 12/6/2007
Monument is located about 10 miles north of the Colorado Springs city limits on I-25 cooridor. We are 2 exits north of the Air Force Academy.

We enjoy a "small town" environment, but that is changing with the introduction of a new Walmart Super Store, Home Depot, Kohls and other national "chain" restaurants.

Monument typically experiences more than 300 days a year of sunshine annually. However, you can expect major snow storms anytime after Holloween through mid-April. Summer temperatures average in the mid-80's while winter temperatures average between 35-40 degrees.

Joggers and bikers alike will find lots of trails and friendly people to experience.

A 2nd high school is under construction and should be open in the fall of 2008.

Monument is hard to beat if you are looking for a community with lots of open spaces.

Most residents work in either Colorado Springs or south Denver. It's a 25 minute commute Read More

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