Steamboat Springs, Colorado 

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Steamboat_Springs, Colorado Reviews

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Get to know Steamboat Springs with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Living - 7/9/2014
I moved here a year ago now and I love it. I've lived all over the East Coast to date the best all around place I've lived has been Asheville North Carolina albeit until I got to Steamboat, economy's are very similar in that it's a Resort/Retirement community and most employment is seasonal or what's called Industry work. Those that have been fortunate to land a decent to good paying job never leave.

Best place hands down I've ever lived, nothing compares to the weather and climate!! Outdoor activities are virtually unlimited, not horribly far from larger metro areas so when you want to get a taste of city life it's only a 2.5hr drive.

Economy here is the only detractor I've really noticed and it's what keeps this town from really becoming the total package to reside. Even the medical community here seems to be part time or working retired hours. Wonderful place to raise a family which I hope to do. Being single presents a big challenge but if it's mean to be Read More

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small community life. - 12/2/2011
steamboat is an excellent example of small town living. help and support when you are in need. family, community, recreation. all here for enjoying. give to the community it gives Read More

Great Place, BUTT. - 12/13/2010
Hey, I lived in Steamboat breifly nice town. My brother lived there 15 years. The outdoors are awesome in that area. Hunting, skiing, kayaking, fishing, etc.. The town is one of the nicest in Coloaro. That being said there are alot things that are'nt so great. One being the rich trust funder type of people that have moved in and pushed their views on others. The City slicker's that move their and think everyone is friendly. I guess perception is 9/10's of a person's view. To me they're pretty pretentious especially the people that move there with money. The price of homes their are way over priced. The economy does not overcome the cost of living which is very high. Most people that live their are city slickers that like to do city slicker sports, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing. Real sportsman hunt, don't fly fish (fad), and own guns. The ranchers are cool, but others are not. That is the original ranchers, not the rich city slickers that bot a ranch and hired someone Read More

Steamboat is paradise... - 5/2/2010
Lived in Steamboat for the past 15 years. The people are the coolest, most genuine, down-to-earth folks I've ever met. The skiing is world-class, plenty of sun and snow, long cold winters, mud season is prepared to go to Mexico or the desert for a month or two. It's a very pricey place to live, school system is great, if you're a single guy in Steamboat good might want to get on e-harmony and keep your fingers crossed. Mountain biking is phenomenal, kayaking is too. Summers are super short but INCREDIBLE. Bottom line, if you love the outdoors and great people, move here. Oh, almost forget...awesome place to raise a Read More

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